Windows 10: Thinking of update so called?

#Windows 10 when all the right pieces are in place, is pretty remarkable.   However like most things beautiful there can be drawbacks.  Specifically peripheral suppliers; #printers may be using this as a reason to antiquate your existing printer by not supplying drivers for Windows 10.   @Samsung is one of these companies.

The printer I own is a little used Samsung C460W multinational color printer/scanner etc.

MS made a @new office 365 available to me.  I had to reinstall the printer drivers and it crashed the new installation. The @Samsung Universal Print Driver3 is what they offered up.  It is built for Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and they plan no release for Windows 10!

As luck would have it I still have one machine running on windows 7 and was able to install the driver there and link through the networks to it.

Point is.   Make sure drivers are available for windows 10 before you upgrade unless you plan on buying a new printer!

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