Conservatives put US’s well being ahead of Canada’s!

#Bill C69 did away with two pieces of Harper/Kenny legislation that was irresponsible, to say the least.  First off  National Energy Board Act:  This was legislation that allowed Harper to become a dictator in his own mind.  Any conflict with a native group could be set aside by the Minister in charge.   In action, it caused endless delays in the West coast pipeline.  Reason?  The US does not want us shipping off the west coast it will cut deeply into their markets in Indochina and China and, they will not be able to use their oil supply on or off as a bargaining chip

Kenny has been in the news lately about doing away with bill C69!

Secondly: Canadian Navigable Waters Act; was changed by Harper/Kenny to a free-for-all.  One outstanding item is the BC dam on the Peace River.  A navigable river the dam was built and was criticized for not being able to produce enough electricity to pay for itself.  It was however built to create a sump in the Peace River suitable for drawing large amounts of water out.   This brings me to the #Weatherford Project.   So named after the company who designed and specked it.

The design calls for 4 large diameter pipelines and 6 pumping stations.  Each pumping station on the design Weatherford is immense, designed to move 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River to the US border.

If Conservatives build this Canadian’s will pay for the build so the US can get cheap water.   If the Peace River has been turned back into navigable water that project is dead.

What do I mean by immense?

Each pumping station will use the electrical power of a city!The Conservatives again looking after US interests, not Canada’s!

In the past two weeks, Kenny has brought bill C69 forward in the news in some political theatre saying it affected the Alberta Oil Industry which, it does not.  Bill C69 is designed to kill the trans mountain pipeline! It allows the minister to turn over or set aside any decision-making deals impossible.  The same bills replaced covered mining and other natural resources!

Two weeks ago, Kenny was on TV sitting with an environmental lawyer nodding and smiling while she trashed the Trans Mountain expansion.

This is more proof that the Conservatives are looking after the US as their priority, not Canada!  They have made no secret they plan on re-writing our constitution!  
There are so many reasons to put a strong Liberal Government back into Canada.!

Like no other time in our history, we need a solid Liberal Government in Ottawa to offset the influence of the illegally elected provincial Conservatives.