Further risk, no savings with the Cons!

There is a fully engineered project, The Weatherford project, which is designed to move 2/3rds of the Peace River to the Southern US Border.

This project is supported by the new dam site in BC which can’t produce enough electricty to pay for itself. This dam will form a large Sump from which to draw the water from.

If it is built by Conservatives, Canadians will pay for the whole project and the US will get very inexpensive drinking water.

This brings me to the Canada Pension plan, the envy of the world. The US has often critized Canada saying the plan should be in the hands of private companies! There goes the security you enjoy with the CPP!

Whether you recognize the Carbon Tax to fight Global Heating as necessary or not the loss and expences you face at this point in time under Conservatives is very dramatic!