Climate change and the state of the world is drastic.

Due to continued rising sea levels and accelerated calving of glaciers increasing wave action; I predict the locations of the massive flooding in the US will soon become uninhabitable and the source of mass migration unlike any we have seen to date!  Likewise islands and coastal cities throughout the world.

 I’m adding this excellent link which is animated in such a way as to be mind-boggling and in support of my article.

For years we have been told to turn down our heat, don’t idle our vehicles so long etc. and nothing came of it! Now we have no choices. There is a hope the carbon tax will encourage this kind of thinking.  Conservative rail against it but offer no solutions.  The Wild Rose Party are in complete denial as are most Conservatives.

The arctic tundra is melting which can release a further 1.5  to 2 times the CO2 than is presently in the atmosphere.  Earth orbit is elliptical and we are moving away from the sun as we should be but, rather than cool off we are still heating up! Ocean currents are changing, the oceans are rising!  Currents and changing and sharks and “southern” species are showing up in “northern” waters.

Greenland’s ice is melting fast as is Antarctica and the arctic causing sea level to start rising.  Along with our glaciers where we get our drinking water from, receding rapidly adds greatly to our problems.

If we don’t get this heating under control we will fail as the human race! Cities by the ocean will start flooding and you will witness a migration that will stagger your imagination!

Waves are gnawing at the cliffs of Herschel Island!  The town of Tuktoyaktuk which for comparison was palm size is now thumb size and the tundra, in general, is eroding now; into the arctic ocean.  This, in turn, will accelerate heating of the Arctic because of the dark particles in the water.

Earth orbit is elliptical; we are moving away from the sun as we should.  But; we are still heating rather than cooling as we should be!

Conservatives tried, and still argue for carbon cap and trade with does nothing for the environment and gives corporations a huge tax deduction at one end and a huge tax credit on

The world, not just  Canada and Alberta is moving towards carbon charges. There is no other way.  PM Trudeau was recently in meetings with the Saudi.  The Saudi announced billions to invest in silicon sun generation was one outcome.  Get used to wearing a sweater and turn down your dam thermostat and air conditioning.   Sweden brought in carbon taxation in 1991!

Pumping carbon dioxide down the hole in as they do in Saskatchewan results in an explosion of carbon dioxide out of the hole running for many hours ahead of any oil showing up and sounding like a jet plane but conservative is after the residual oil in those fields.

On the other hand, there is news of mixing carbon dioxide with cement; holding it firm and making the cement last longer too.

And more:

A satellite image of Herschel Island, Yukon, showing huge sediment plumes in the shallow water areas. (NASA Worldview)

Fritz said the majority of the coastline on Herschel Island, like much of the Arctic, is subject to erosion in the summer when the sea ice retreats.

“Since 2007, we’ve seen one minimum after the other in terms of sea ice distribution in summer on the Arctic Ocean. That gives rise to higher waves, more storms that can affect the coast to erode it.”

When that coast is eroded, the nutrient-rich soil mixes with the sea water and creates massive plumes of sediment. Fritz said the effect that murky water has on the marine ecosystem is unknown.

“With that sediment comes a lot of carbon and lot of nutrients, and those nutrients and pollutants will affect the water column,” he said.

“We ask ourselves the question ‘with this higher load of sediments, of nutrients and also of pollutants, what is happening with the food web’ and we really don’t know.” 

Scientists are predicting catastrophic lake drainage now. 

When Conservatives rail against carbon tax they are in denial of our circumstances.   Our economy will adjust to the new realities and ongoing abrupt changes.  Abrupt? Yes; they will accelerate.

All this on top of a world presently in recession and a position of universal deficit spending again, not just Canada and Alberta but the world!! 

Alberta Advantage Party – the New Republican assault on Canadian politics!

I had the opportunity to talk with the AAP party reps.  Their membership push came at me.  I said, “I’ve had my fill of you guys, the WRP is run by the US Republicans.” to which he replied, “Yes, that is true but we are different!”

Small talk’ I took his brochure and left.

From the AAP flyer:

APP:  The right to recall your elected official.

WRP: Exact same thing.


If elected AAP will revise the Alberta Education Curriculum so that our students will receive the highest levels of academic and practical skills that are offered on the planet.

Wow!  They have no idea how such lofty ideals will cost individuals and money.  Think here of private schools,  Available if you can afford them.  They are the new Republican push to Morph still another party.

We will eliminate the mandatory gay-straight alliance clubs in Alberta schools and eliminate the NDP directive that parents must not be told about their child’s sexual behaviours.  Not the WRP “Homosexuals will burn in the fires of hell” but, the next thing to it.

The NDP GAVE NO SUCH DIRECTION! The NDP did say that joining such an organization will be kept private.  The alternative is to turn back the clock, adopt a program of exclusion and do away with anything that suggests inclusion.  Do away with safety and endorse one of risk!

And finally, We will uphold and support the ability of parents to have their children educated in the manner they think best for their child, through a public, Catholic, private or charter or homeschool program.  We will not amalgamate the Catholic and public-school systems.

What they do not say, looking south of our border, they will cut funding to public schools giving the majority of funding to the private school.  There will be two distinct levels of education! Not just high school vis University.

The way it is now, the majority of the population make up the stripe of the school.  St. Albert, for instance, is Catholic Public and Protestant private.


Rural Crime is at pandemic levels.

The AAP, if elected, would train and elevate sheriffs to the standard of Police forces such as Edmonton and Calgary Police Services.

Rural Crime is high, but not Pandemic!  The Sheriffs are fully trained for the duties they perform and have the full support and are in the communication with the Local Police forces.

As a member patrolling with the Citizens on Patrol group, I can tell you we are always in contact with local police and do not go at risk anyplace!


The people of Alberta know what equalization payments are.  We know that the taxes we pay are sent to Ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization. Transfers.

Straight out of the WRP/Republican playbook!

Alberta received equalization payments from its concept to 1954.  It was not called “equalization” at these times.  More recently we received money, a great deal of it, from Ottawa when this last recession hit.

If elected to government, the AAP will not sign an agreement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.

At the heart of the Conservative movement is such extremes which will very quickly break up this country which is their final solution.

Secondly, there is no pile of money sitting in Alberta waiting to go to Ottawa!

Any monies paid anywhere in Canada come from the taxes paid by you and I and like people and corporations!  It is out of the Federal Tax Base!

The AAP Will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s tax slaves.

What a bunch of extreme separatism crap!  Another thing that will help to break up  Canada.

Health Care: We will put an end to the separating of our elderly couples in their final years.

Getting old is not a lot of fun at times.  Palliative care in the past has taken up many of the Active Beds in the prototypical hospitals around Alberta.  An active bed costs the system 3000.00 per day,  a palliative bed costs several hundred.  That is the economies of dying in Canada, not just Alberta.

We will make a commitment to research, specifically immunology.

And what, do they think is happening now?  Simply playing on fears of the elderly with no real changes available to them.

Alberta’s Place in Canada:

Albertans want greater autonomy from Ottawa.

This is playing to the Southern Alberta WRP group and is a political play first used by the United Farmers of Alberta in 1919! It was needed then and very effective and was the start of the family driven dynasties in Western Canada”

The AAP will demand Alberta’s right to select our own immigrants, in the same way, that Quebec does.

They fail to say that all provinces can do this now to a large extent.  So what they are saying is they will set up to sort wants by colour and race.  So typical of the Republicans.  Manitoba for years has been trying to import German Mechanics! And, have little success.

The AAP would halt the process of sending Alberta’s portion of income tax to Ottawa.  The AAP would set up an Alberta Revenue Service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.

Think here of the underlying task of separation they want.

Even if they got close, it would take 6 provinces to agree on such a change in the constitution.

Marilyn Burns, a lawyer.   Giver her my regards while asking her background and origins.