Our inflation is at 3.5%, not the 7.5% published,

I put up a post on #Linked-In stating Alberta was paying oil to take the oil from our province.

Shell oil responded by giving Alberta 75 million dollars! Kenny, the Conservative shark in Alberta took the 75 million and turned it over to local producers to use as operating money.

The oil/gasoline portion of the 7.5% is 4.00% leaving our actual inflation at 3.5% not, 7.5%

Kenny has since resigned.

This was a product of years of Conservative Governments in Alberta! I recall #Ron Liepert telling Albertans “as of today, we will not be collecting any royalty at all” The higher percentage is an invention of the Conservatives. In fact it is a market price correction that won’t be going away.

If you are inclined to vote Conservative, know what they are about.

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