Keystone Pipeline revisited.

The USA does not want Canada shipping oil off our west coast.

They see it as opposition to their total control by the Gulf Coast refineries. Conservatives serve the US before they serve Canada, Kenny tried and failed to shut down the Trans Mountain Expansion!

He was busted both times so, he tried to make it a battle of pensions.

Kenny drew the Alberta Teachers pension fund and put it into AIMCO which is not arm’s length from the Conservatives. Kenny wanted to start a pension battle with Ottawa. Trans Mountain expansion is owned by the Canada Pension Plan.  

He has since put in legislation preventing the Teachers Association from suing AIMCO. 

A great investment, they have contracts for 80 per cent of their capacity (all they can legally book) Kenny took the teachers Pensions and financed the Keystone line out of that putting up a contest between Ottawa and Alberta expecting on one part for Ottawa to capitulate and quit the Trans Mountain.

Another massive business decision failure was to think the Republicans would be in office forever.

What is the UCP doing with the innoculations?

The UCP have been taking heat over US citizens working at the tar sands have been allowed to fly back to the most infected parts of the US for a break. More will be travelling over Christmas. Their problem to date has been the immediate result tests given at airports on the return to Canada.

This test is one second out of time. The Virus on the other hand is known to be vested for up to 5 days before it presents its self in any kind of a test!

An Inoculation would get rid of this problem. My question is, how many doses are taken away from front line health workers and given to these working tourists?

More people on stage and no real change in policy. Not Big nor Great!

Kenny’s half measures are damaging his status. Today’s big deal and big announcement on TV COVID hit the restaurant business hard, in a punitive way but the big problems he didn’t touch. Namely, allowing the US employees at the Tar Sands to fly to the US on weekends and return to Canada with no Isolation!

They undergo an immediate result test at the airport which gives a partial second record in the march of time. However, the COVID 19 Virus will take up to 5 days to present itself in such a test.
Playing nice with the oil companies and beating up on the food industry is going to hurt him. Under this half measure, we will see cases increase.

He finally put in a mask law, the last of the provinces to do so. Too Little, Too Late.

Kenny and the UCP opt for Herd Immunization, let the bodies fall where they may.

Kenny and the UCP are trying for Herd Immunization, let the bodies fall where they will, Following the Republican failed plan in the US. In all his “plans” he leaves one end open to allow the virus to continue.

He is allowing workers at the tar sands to commute between the US and Alberta without the necessary isolation. The airport quick tests on arrival are a blink in time while the COVID 19 is said to take up to 5 days to present its self and, remains contagious during this period.

As for the protesters. There are no adjacent protests going on Alberta is the only place! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who is in charge of the protests! The only function of these people is to expose or distribute COVID 19.

This evening, the CBC was discussing how Kenny did not pay out billions of dollars to front end workers, rather just sat on the money paying his extravagant staff instead.

This post would not go up on @Discus bunch of AI stuff they have guarding me wouldn’t let it pass. A fragile lot.

Conservative pressure on Vaccine timing.

The Conservative Governments across the country are pushing the Federal Government for answers that just are not available. It’s called harassments!

First off the Vaccinations are using our RNA, something that has never been done before. Because this is new technology, new plants had to be built to manufacture. The old established plant’s, designed to mass produce dead viruses can’t be used.

How far along are these new facilities?

The RNA is in every cell in our body. It is primitive and, it’s job is to repair our DNA. It’s also referred to as the messenger bit.

Now we have a brand new technology the US under incredible pressure want to run it out early. The whole science community is watching this to see if something backfires or not. Or does our RNA treat our bodies more differently than the short tests indicate?

I for one am very happy the initial inoculations are starting down south and further I hope we don’t hurry before mutations on this new technology works its way through the first populations.

Meanwhile, just ignore the Conservatives empty complaints.

Kenny ingratiates himself – this time with COVID Emergency Notice.

 On November 25th the Federal Government put out an Emergency notice regarding the actions we need to follow to curb COVID.  This was not broadcast in Alberta!

On November 26th, Kenny put out an Emergency Notice along the same lines but, no mention of Ottawa, all only to the greater glory of Kenny!

The UCP and Kenny are a danger to this province!  A Government that will block emergency notices from our Central Government is certainly ahead of the separation movement in Alberta!

Canada’s finances

Article by Dr. Hedy Fry (Dr. Hedy Fry@HedyFry)

Canada is one of only 2 nations globally with AAA rating with the strongest net-debt-to-GDP in the G7. We are borowing from ourselves at 0.25% so Canadians don’t have to pay 5% bank loans or 19% credit card rates. We will protect Canadians’ Health.

3:30 pm Octd 29,2020 Hootsuite Inc.

Conversation on

Starting with Klein, the Conservatives cut the earnings of the heritage trust fund to 5% taking everything above into General Revenues where it financed his 10% flat tax. This drained 760. Billion dollars up until Prentice lost the government. On the way out the door, he said “I guess we hit theHeritage too hard”. Kenny recently pulled the heritage to study it. This means he’s looking for a way to get it into AIMCO where he has easy access to it.LikeReply2 Replies2 Replies on John Clark’s commentStatus is onlineJohn Clark  YouRetired4h

What he could do is call an election and see what people think of his musingsLikeReplyStatus is onlineJohn Clark  YouRetired3h

John Clark The point is, because of the proportion of our income, 90% of the 760 Billion dollars ended up on the Gulf coast. Still another case of the Conservatives looking after US interests before Canada.LikeReplyJoanne Finocchiaroout of network 3rd+Creative | Strategic | Connector4h

Sadly, I think we need to bring in PSTLikeLIKE 1Reply6 Replies6 Replies on Joanne Finocchiaro’s commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on Joanne Finocchiaro’s commentEric Henselout of network 3rd+Experienced professional oil & gas constructor, API 1169 Pipeline Inspector , Pipeline Integrity certification, Ground up.2h

John Clark , I like people who don’t tell pollsters the truth during an election. I don’t.LikeReply

John Clark

Open Emoji KeyboardBrett Schafferout of network 3rd+Owner/ Leasing/ Land Development4h

Does anybody on here know how Quebec runs a budget surplus yearly……Kent?LikeLIKE 3Reply6 Replies6 Replies on Brett Schaffer’s commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on Brett Schaffer’s commentBrett Schafferout of network 3rd+Owner/ Leasing/ Land Development2h

John Clarkand the program never started till 1972…LikeReplyStatus is onlineJohn Clark  YouRetirednow

Brett Schaffer There was a period of support from Ottawa before it was called transfer payments, yes. Further, there was no contribution from the Chase Manhattan Bank as the Wild Rose Party proclaimed. However, the Chase Manhattan bank did pull the Mormon Temple out of hawk for 100,000 dollars.LikeReply

John Clark

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If we didn’t have to carry Quebec then this wouldn’t even be an issue.LikeLIKE 2Reply2 Replies2 Replies on Anthony van den Camp, P.Eng, PMP’S commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on Anthony van den Camp, P.Eng, PMP’S commentStatus is onlineJohn Clark  YouRetired2h

Alberta received equalization payments until 1947 and again from 1957 to 1965. We got our share of the program when we needed it! It is a Canadian solution so both Harper and the WRP want to end it.LikeReplyBrett Schafferout of network 3rd+Owner/ Leasing/ Land Development4h

Hey Kent, how many billions are transferred from Alberta annually through equalization? Would a stop to this give us a balanced budget? Asking for a friend.🤔LikeLIKE 2Reply2 Replies2 Replies on Brett Schaffer’s commentStatus is onlineJohn Clark  YouRetired3h

There are not billions transferred from some giant fund in Alberta. Any monies used in Transfer payments etc come out of the Federal portion of taxes we pay.LikeReplyEric Henselout of network 3rd+Experienced professional oil & gas constructor, API 1169 Pipeline Inspector , Pipeline Integrity certification, Ground up.2h

John Clark Then Albertans need to stop paying federal tax.LikeReplyShawn (Sniper) Schempp, RSEout of network 3rd+Welder/Operator/Foreman/Contractor… Sniper Welding Ltd. High Level, AB.4h

We can balance the budget and lower taxes by shrinking big government… We are to top heavy in Canada!!LikeLIKE 16ReplyEric Henselout of network 3rd+Experienced professional oil & gas constructor, API 1169 Pipeline Inspector , Pipeline Integrity certification, Ground up.2h

Albertans don’t need advice from a Liberal puppet who deserves to be on the unemployment line. Kent had his opportunity to be for the people and blew it.LikeReplyStatus is onlineTRANSCOM Fleet Services Inc.2nd degree connection 2ndPresident – R. Craigen Transportation Coach of Operations & Management3h

De-Fund All Politicians.

G5, Huawei and Bell Media

 G5 network is so named because it works on the 1MM wavelength.  Has an ability to go through most things but can only cover distances by repeaters.   It hooks up your cell phone to your desktop, your thermostat and your camera. Plus your vehicle. 

It doesn’t matter which system you choose as far as technology is concerned.  Bell Media is in charge of post media and our IP providers.  Brought into Canada by Stephen Harper on his promise to “change Canada so we would never recognize it” 

This vertical arrangement of Media ensures the Conservatives get favourable coverage and the Liberals get a bent version of whatever is going on.  However, I can tell you this, If you have a secret, keep it in a notebook, not on your phone or computer. 

High-band 5G, or millimetre-wave, is the really new stuff. So far, this is mostly airwaves in the 20-100GHz range. These airwaves haven’t been used for consumer applications before. They’re very short range; our tests have shown about 800-foot distances from towers. But there are vast amounts of unused spectrum up there, which means very fast speeds using up to 800MHz at a time. 

O’Tool, is a Conservative, put into office by the far-Right, (Harper’s crew and the US Republicans)  He is presently telling the Government to get rid of  G5,  Huawei in his move to protect US industry which, is his first choice in any case, why Canada always looses when dealing with the Conservatives. 

Bottom line is Bell Media engineered Conservative sweeps provincially.  Huawei, however, has been working in BC for  10 years and, no record of any problems anywhere and they enjoy the same service we do!

Since this post went up, Bell Media started to claim the Chinese Tech was stolen from Nortel! A change of pace?

Republican or Conservative same party though and through

If you watched the Biden/Trump “debate” the other day you had a sampling of Trumps bald face lies. In Canada O’Tool is using the Republican play book only he is after single line headlines for the Globe and Mail to pick up on.

The WE folder, forever. It was determined the Federal Government did not pay WE anything! Yet O’Tool’s people think this is the best story in town.

Covid 19: A single line from Conservative benches, inflammatory and sensational and totally irrelevant. Ideal for the Globe.

Last election the Conservative Facebook page was alive with prospect for changes to Canada’s constitution. The Cons need 6 provinces and 50% of the population in order to do this. Time to take out some Conservative provincial Governments! They are better than half way there now, all they need is the Federal Chair. Most got into office provincially using their connection to Bell Media and Post Media. They are doing the same thing right now!