Are you ready to throw away Canada?

You are correct if you think there have been other instances on record of the oceans rising. I draw on the very informative book of Gavin Menzies in which he follows the old Chinese maps which in turn, show sea levels to be 6 foot higher than they are now. Greenland was circumnavigated as the Chinese Treasure ships tried to get under the north pole to better measure the constellations.

They left their maps with every civilization they came upon to show these same countries the way back to China so they could pay homage. The Maps still exist.  The Chinese Mandarins (First Conservatives) took over and the Treasure ships were left to rot at anchor and books and star charts and other maps were destroyed.  Statues ripped down.

The Paris Agreement talked about put the heads of state and their science at the same table. The charts produced showed the introduction of coal, a 19th-century technology, and the rise in carbon dioxide levels matched perfectly. It was decided to stop the use of Coal as a corrective measure. Not a cure.

The earth orbit as measured by the same constellations the Chinese used in 1423 shows us the Earth is in an elliptical but concentric orbit. Concentric because we are knocked out of the loop by Jupiter’s gravitation. The last time we were in a circular orbit was 65 years ago! Year 0 in a 10,000-year journey.

The bottom line is: We have been moving away from the sun for 65 years in a cooling off period and, we are still heating up. If this continues unabated, we will not; NOT survive as a civilization!

The Conservatives continue to ignore, deny and put out false information on Climate Change. If allowed to continue they will be the end of us.

The Conservatives knew all about climate change before 2006.  Here is an exert from a post, Letter to Ralph Klein October 22, 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004
The Occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein
Honorable Ralph Klein,
August 26, 2003
Room 307 Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re:- The occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein.Dear Premier:

The compelling information you have regarding climate change is near catastrophic and puts Alberta on the course of a climate very similar to Southern Iraq or Turkey more probably on the short term rather than the long.

Extremes in weather and unpredictable weather such as storms, hurricanes, drought and flood are parts of the scenario. Ongoing drought and forest fires are going to be the norm rather than the exception. Forest fires and unprecedented pestilence are but symptoms of the climate change rapidly coming upon us.

Lakes will become mud holes and rivers will dry up. (The Prince George area has massive beetle infestation because the temperatures haven’t dropped to the -40 that is required to kill them off; All in the last 5 years!) The extending drought has already caused the earth to move away from house foundations around Alberta causing them to crack. I would think any one who has built in the last 6 years has recourse on the Government because of a lack of proper building standards to account for these known changes.

When your Environment department confirmed the above they also said studies were being made on how to use the unusable (un-potable) rivers of water from the Viking aquifer. Considering the oil companies have been accessing this “bad” water for year’s further studies would only be for the purpose of stalling for time.

Oil companies site only the added expense, by comparison to surface water, as being the only real draw back! I recall people in Parkland County complaining their water wells went dry after seismic went through their region. They speculated the seismic had damaged the upper water aquifer. Your response was less than caring. “Prove it” you said.

Knowing what you know about the weather change and dwindling water resource it is irresponsible for you to allow oil companies to use any drinkable water for injection into the wells for oil recovery! Your water plan amounts to a charge on Alberta residences for the water taken by oil companies and pumped down hole.When do the oil companies start paying for the damages they have done and the water they have already ruined or wasted?

It seems to be your plan to stall full public disclosure of information on climate change until the oil is gone, the drinking water is gone and the oil companies have moved on?

The Canadian History.

As a one time Conservative Riding secretary and of an age greater than 90% of Canadians I offer this glimpse into our past. More directly the Conservatives have known of climate change for more than 20 years.  Insead of putting in a cure they embarked on a major course of mis-information.

The Liberals built Canada with little interruption to their base until 1919 to 1937 in which case the American Republicans working through the Morman Church, helped them establish “The United Farmers of Alberta”  This party morphed itself into the Veterans and Active force, 1944 to 1948, again the US Republicans were fully involved.  This morphed into the Conservatives which found a hard landing after Diefenbaker and the Avro-Arrow. (You now know the reason Diefenbaker scrapped the Arrow in Canada allowing the US to take up the design) and, Harper sold off the Canadian Wheat Board to US interest in leaving office.  Related:


They again morphed into the Progressive Conservatives. This party was started by Peter Lougheed and company.  Peter broke away from the Republicans, in fact, took on US oil interests in Alberta in the much-maligned NATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAM.  Peter became the most popular Premier not only of Alberta but, all of Canada.

When Klein took over he doubled down with the US Republicans.  All this happening while the Wild Rose Party kept the original foundation going with the Church.  Now we had two political parties which could appear as opposition, one extreme and one tame by comparison.  Doing what they do best, played both ends against the middle.

Notably, Klein started the bleed on the Heritage Savings and Trust by freezing the fund at 5% profit taking all above into General Revenue to support his 10% flat tax.  The loss to Albertans 760 billion dollars most of which went directly back to US parent companies.  Norway over the same period banked over 1 trillion dollars.

Take a look at The Huffington Post” to see the teamwork us/Canadian and the treatment you get if you enter an opinion on US politics.

In a final analysis I see the US is in a position to take over our country!  By putting in a Conservative Government again will facilitate the end of our Dairy Marketing board and any other institutions that may hinder this process.

As if in confirmation of the above post

Jason Kenny backed the running of a Trump campaign worker in the Alberta by-election.

For any of you doubting the Canadian History   Devin Dreeshen, newly elected in Innisfail by-election as PUC was a campaign worker for Donald Trump.  Kelly calls it a good experience.

“In November 2016, Dreeshen and another conservative political activist penned a lengthy article in the Hill Times in Ottawa chronicling their work on Trump’s campaign.”

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Trudeau may not be perfect; check out Harper’s score!

I’m aware of Trudeau’s failings, but he’s a piker compared to the nightmare that was #Harper. There’s way, way, too much to list from those awful years. Here’s a small sampling: (very small)


~ Against court order, refusal to share budget Info.
~ Conservative Cabinet Staffers Granted Immunity from Testimony
~ Conservatives Falsify Reports and Documents
~ Repeated Duplicity on Costing of F-35 Fighter Jets
~ Harper Minister Lies, Blames Statistics Canada for Killing Long Form Census
~ Conservatives Engage in Abuse of Process with Omnibus Bills on a scale never before seen.
~ Conservatives Engage in Abuse of Process with parliamentary committees. Top Conservatives prepared a handbook instructing Conservative committee chairpersons on how to obstruct and sabotage proceedings.
~ Access to Information System Impeded
~ Loyalty Oaths Imposed on Public Servants
~ Suppression of Research
~ Like Never Before, Limits Placed on Media Access
~ Conservatives Block Accreditation for Opposition MPs
~ Clampdown on Freedom of Speech of Diplomatic Corps
~ Aquatic Science Libraries Decimated for no reason other than to destroy valuable environmental information.
~ Illegitimate Prorogation of Parliament, Twice
~ Undue Interference with Independent Agencies
~ Billions Borrowed without Parliament’s Permission
~ Lapdogs Appointed as Watchdogs
~ Undermining Statistics Canada, Killing Data
~ Government Muzzles Science Community
~ Cons’ Elections Bill Strips Power from Elections Canada
~ Harper Minister Smears Head of Elections Canada
~ Conservative Convicted on Robocalls Scam
~ Harper undercuts EC and tries to suppress vote with unfair elections act.
~ Conservative Bill Rewrites History to Protect Mounties from Potential Criminal Charges
~ Harper Government Sued by Justice Department Whistleblower
~ Time and again the Harper government proposed bills that ended up being shot down by the courts, prompting critics to say such legislation was more about making political statements than lasting policy.
~ Tactic Borrowed from North Korea. Ostensibly neutral public servants were used as stooges, falsely posing as new citizens in a staged Citizenship Renewal public relations exercise by the Immigration Department
~ UN Blasted Canada’s Treatment of Immigrants. Changes made to Canada’s immigration and refugee system under Harper were investigated by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, whose report blasted how thousands of migrants were detained indefinitely without due process, many for over a year or more, as well as poor mental health support for those incarcerated.
~ The ‘Harper Government’ Labelling Deception. Public servants were told to use “Harper Government” instead of “Government of Canada” in publicity releases. The Conservatives denied it was happening — until internal memos revealed by the Canadian Press revealed the denial to be without basis.
~ Conservatives Place Party Logos on Government of Canada Cheques
~ Record Amounts of Partisan Political Advertising, on the Public Purse
~ Conservatives Stack Their Own Ridings with Infrastructure Funds
~ Revenue Canada set loose to Attack Charities that weren’t ideologically in line with Harper’s beliefs, including environmental, animal welfare, etc…
~ Conservatives Use Unheard of Tactic to Force through Anti-Union Bill
~ Harper Smears Liberal Sikh MP, Insinuating Tie to Terrorism. He was completely wrong yet wouldn’t apologize.
~ Citizens Ejected from Conservative Rallies simply because they weren’t screened and vetted beforehand as being Conservative party members. If they were spotted, they were gone. Unbelievably, during election campaigns.
~ Conservatives Make Campaign Event Attendees Sign Gag Order

Ontario and Doug Fords Score Card

When Doug Ford was campaigning, he knew very well the Wynn Government was doing a great job under the very adverse circumstance.  His job was to push the Conservative envelope!  So, there was no sense explaining his position on finance there was none.

He made a big deal about cap and trade in Ontario.  This was unlike the Conservatives version it worked.   Having made so much noise about it he proceeded immediatly to cut it out and replace it with nothing!  Global warming is now allowed, even encouraged in Ontario!

What he didn’t tell the people of Ontario was he also kissed off 2 million dollars (perhaps a great deal more) when he cancelled that deal.  This figure was being used by Wynn to expand her green program. Now? Nothing!  And the population is expected to make up the 2 million in taxes.

As I predicted, the first target for cuts was health care.  The Conservatives have got rid of co-pay in Ontario.  Co-pay is what is set up in Pharmacies to handle the billing split between your prime insurance (private or company coverage) and your provincial (universal) coverage.  Many prescriptions until now have a zero balance when you pick them up. Not anymore!

Typically your company medical insurance will pay 80% of the prescription leaving 20% for provincial.

That means an employer is going to ignore the extra cost to you or if inclined will work out with their insurers how much more they have to pay for total coverage.

In turn, this interprets to one more total premium for every five employees!  In some cases, this overhead will be too much.   On iPolitic’s website, the Ontario Government has it’s trolls up most of the time.  In answer to the above statement, they responded: “That will be a good deal for insurance companies”.   Enter private medicine. No Longer Universal Health Care!


Climate change and the state of the world is drastic.

Due to continued rising sea levels and accelerated calving of glaciers increasing wave action; I predict the locations of the massive flooding in the US will soon become uninhabitable and the source of mass migration unlike any we have seen to date!  Likewise islands and coastal cities throughout the world.

 I’m adding this excellent link which is animated in such a way as to be mind-boggling and in support of my article.

For years we have been told to turn down our heat, don’t idle our vehicles so long etc. and nothing came of it! Now we have no choices. There is a hope the carbon tax will encourage this kind of thinking.  Conservative rail against it but offer no solutions.  The Wild Rose Party are in complete denial as are most Conservatives.

The arctic tundra is melting which can release a further 1.5  to 2 times the CO2 than is presently in the atmosphere.  Earth orbit is elliptical and we are moving away from the sun as we should be but, rather than cool off we are still heating up! Ocean currents are changing, the oceans are rising!  Currents and changing and sharks and “southern” species are showing up in “northern” waters.

Greenland’s ice is melting fast as is Antarctica and the arctic causing sea level to start rising.  Along with our glaciers where we get our drinking water from, receding rapidly adds greatly to our problems.

If we don’t get this heating under control we will fail as the human race! Cities by the ocean will start flooding and you will witness a migration that will stagger your imagination!

Waves are gnawing at the cliffs of Herschel Island!  The town of Tuktoyaktuk which for comparison was palm size is now thumb size and the tundra, in general, is eroding now; into the arctic ocean.  This, in turn, will accelerate heating of the Arctic because of the dark particles in the water.

Earth orbit is elliptical; we are moving away from the sun as we should.  But; we are still heating rather than cooling as we should be!

Conservatives tried, and still argue for carbon cap and trade with does nothing for the environment and gives corporations a huge tax deduction at one end and a huge tax credit on

The world, not just  Canada and Alberta is moving towards carbon charges. There is no other way.  PM Trudeau was recently in meetings with the Saudi.  The Saudi announced billions to invest in silicon sun generation was one outcome.  Get used to wearing a sweater and turn down your dam thermostat and air conditioning.   Sweden brought in carbon taxation in 1991!


Pumping carbon dioxide down the hole in as they do in Saskatchewan results in an explosion of carbon dioxide out of the hole running for many hours ahead of any oil showing up and sounding like a jet plane but conservative is after the residual oil in those fields.

On the other hand, there is news of mixing carbon dioxide with cement; holding it firm and making the cement last longer too.

And more:

A satellite image of Herschel Island, Yukon, showing huge sediment plumes in the shallow water areas. (NASA Worldview)


Fritz said the majority of the coastline on Herschel Island, like much of the Arctic, is subject to erosion in the summer when the sea ice retreats.

“Since 2007, we’ve seen one minimum after the other in terms of sea ice distribution in summer on the Arctic Ocean. That gives rise to higher waves, more storms that can affect the coast to erode it.”

When that coast is eroded, the nutrient-rich soil mixes with the sea water and creates massive plumes of sediment. Fritz said the effect that murky water has on the marine ecosystem is unknown.

“With that sediment comes a lot of carbon and lot of nutrients, and those nutrients and pollutants will affect the water column,” he said.

“We ask ourselves the question ‘with this higher load of sediments, of nutrients and also of pollutants, what is happening with the food web’ and we really don’t know.” 

Scientists are predicting catastrophic lake drainage now. 

When Conservatives rail against carbon tax they are in denial of our circumstances.   Our economy will adjust to the new realities and ongoing abrupt changes.  Abrupt? Yes; they will accelerate.

All this on top of a world presently in recession and a position of universal deficit spending again, not just Canada and Alberta but the world!! 

Alberta Advantage Party – the New Republican assault on Canadian politics!

I had the opportunity to talk with the AAP party reps.  Their membership push came at me.  I said, “I’ve had my fill of you guys, the WRP is run by the US Republicans.” to which he replied, “Yes, that is true but we are different!”

Small talk’ I took his brochure and left.

From the AAP flyer:

APP:  The right to recall your elected official.

WRP: Exact same thing.


If elected AAP will revise the Alberta Education Curriculum so that our students will receive the highest levels of academic and practical skills that are offered on the planet.

Wow!  They have no idea how such lofty ideals will cost individuals and money.  Think here of private schools,  Available if you can afford them.  They are the new Republican push to Morph still another party.

We will eliminate the mandatory gay-straight alliance clubs in Alberta schools and eliminate the NDP directive that parents must not be told about their child’s sexual behaviours.  Not the WRP “Homosexuals will burn in the fires of hell” but, the next thing to it.

The NDP GAVE NO SUCH DIRECTION! The NDP did say that joining such an organization will be kept private.  The alternative is to turn back the clock, adopt a program of exclusion and do away with anything that suggests inclusion.  Do away with safety and endorse one of risk!

And finally, We will uphold and support the ability of parents to have their children educated in the manner they think best for their child, through a public, Catholic, private or charter or homeschool program.  We will not amalgamate the Catholic and public-school systems.

What they do not say, looking south of our border, they will cut funding to public schools giving the majority of funding to the private school.  There will be two distinct levels of education! Not just high school vis University.

The way it is now, the majority of the population make up the stripe of the school.  St. Albert, for instance, is Catholic Public and Protestant private.


Rural Crime is at pandemic levels.

The AAP, if elected, would train and elevate sheriffs to the standard of Police forces such as Edmonton and Calgary Police Services.

Rural Crime is high, but not Pandemic!  The Sheriffs are fully trained for the duties they perform and have the full support and are in the communication with the Local Police forces.

As a member patrolling with the Citizens on Patrol group, I can tell you we are always in contact with local police and do not go at risk anyplace!


The people of Alberta know what equalization payments are.  We know that the taxes we pay are sent to Ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization. Transfers.

Straight out of the WRP/Republican playbook!

Alberta received equalization payments from its concept to 1954.  It was not called “equalization” at these times.  More recently we received money, a great deal of it, from Ottawa when this last recession hit.

If elected to government, the AAP will not sign an agreement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.

At the heart of the Conservative movement is such extremes which will very quickly break up this country which is their final solution.

Secondly, there is no pile of money sitting in Alberta waiting to go to Ottawa!

Any monies paid anywhere in Canada come from the taxes paid by you and I and like people and corporations!  It is out of the Federal Tax Base!

The AAP Will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s tax slaves.

What a bunch of extreme separatism crap!  Another thing that will help to break up  Canada.

Health Care: We will put an end to the separating of our elderly couples in their final years.

Getting old is not a lot of fun at times.  Palliative care in the past has taken up many of the Active Beds in the prototypical hospitals around Alberta.  An active bed costs the system 3000.00 per day,  a palliative bed costs several hundred.  That is the economies of dying in Canada, not just Alberta.

We will make a commitment to research, specifically immunology.

And what, do they think is happening now?  Simply playing on fears of the elderly with no real changes available to them.

Alberta’s Place in Canada:

Albertans want greater autonomy from Ottawa.

This is playing to the Southern Alberta WRP group and is a political play first used by the United Farmers of Alberta in 1919! It was needed then and very effective and was the start of the family driven dynasties in Western Canada”

The AAP will demand Alberta’s right to select our own immigrants, in the same way, that Quebec does.

They fail to say that all provinces can do this now to a large extent.  So what they are saying is they will set up to sort wants by colour and race.  So typical of the Republicans.  Manitoba for years has been trying to import German Mechanics! And, have little success.

The AAP would halt the process of sending Alberta’s portion of income tax to Ottawa.  The AAP would set up an Alberta Revenue Service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.

Think here of the underlying task of separation they want.

Even if they got close, it would take 6 provinces to agree on such a change in the constitution.

Marilyn Burns, a lawyer.   Giver her my regards while asking her background and origins.


Canadian Political History

As a one time Conservative Riding secretary and of an age greater than 90% of Canadians I offer this glimpse into our past.

The Liberals built Canada with little interruption to their base until 1919 to 1937 in which case the American Republicans working through the Morman Church, helped them establish “The United Farmers of Alberta”  This party morphed itself into the Veterans and Active force, 1944 to 1948, again the US Republicans were fully involved.  This morphed into the Conservatives which found a hard landing after Diefenbaker and the Avro-Arrow. (You now know the reason Diefenbaker scrapped the Arrow in Canada allowing the US to take up the design) and, Harper sold off a marketing board to US interest on leaving office.

They again morphed into the Progressive Conservatives.  While the Wild Rose Party kept the original foundation going with the Church.  Now we had two political parties which could appear as opposition, one extreme and one tame by comparison.

The new #Alberta Advantage Party is a warm over of the WRP!  Looking at their broucher “The  peopole of Albera know what Eequalization payments are.  We know that the taxs we pay are sent to ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization transfers.”  This is an outright lie!  We pay a Federal Tax as does every other Canadian. It is out of  this federal tax the equiliztion payments are drawn.

Further, the #AAP would hault the process of sending Alberta’s portion of icome tax to  Ottawa. APP would set up an Alberta Revenue service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.  Again BS.  It would take 6 provinces to agree with Alberta before such a thing could be done and it would irridicate and disolve Canada.

“If elected to government, the AAP willnot sign an agrement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.  Simply put, the #Republican view that Canada should be boken up and joined with the US!  Just like the WRP!


Take a look at The Huffington Post” to see the teamwork us/Canadian and the treatment you get if you enter an opinion on US politics.

I tell you this in the hopes you will know more about who you are voting for.


LG-How it protects itself from consumers.

I ran into this when I was about to repair a 2007 front loading washer which needed a door seal.  A small matter of taking off the retaining spring and putting it back on over the  new seal.

It turns out I could not buy a door seal!  Why? Because @LG has (unlike any other company) said this was “a critical part” and needed service by “an official repairman”.  Liabilities hidden and otherwise given as reason.  They gave me the name and number of a local repair man who said “I have never done one of those”

Very similar happened on a microwave that needed the insert of a new circuit board. A very straight forward, easy thing to do; easily accessable.  Especially when the microwave was owned by an IT leader.  Again, they would not sell him the boad but directed him to an “official repairman” for several hundred dollars as this was considered a “security issue”

Planned obselense taken to a new level by LG!  This is the only company to go to this extreme that I am aware of.  This of this if  you are planning the lower priced LG product  as a purchase.