Kenney makes a bid for the next election.

Kenny has set about buying his next election! Don’t be fooled.

Kenney has put in his election financial package. Health care took a hit with the door open to private health care! The high increase in oil price came after I put a blog up on Linked In pointing out we were actually paying the oil companies for taking our oil. So, after 10 years of getting nothing, paying the oil companies to bring our oil, Kenney puts on a cheap flashy plan but no mention of royalties. So long as there are high oil prices he will dole out money like it was a favour.

There is still no royalty structure so money is handed out as a personal favour by the UCP.

Carving off 1.5 million for a Red Deer hospital, came as an outright move to buy votes and, it didn’t make a dent in revenue on the oil prices. don’t make a small dent in the amount of profit the province will make.

One way or another the surplus revenue will be given to the oil companies!