The Dairy Marketing Board – Great for health reasons!

The Dairy Marketing Board – Great for health reasons!
Canada’s Dairy Marketing Board prices US dairy higher than the Canadian equivalent. Aside from market quotas, it hinders much of the US Dairy, Eggs, Meat, and Chicken from entering the country.

The US has no regulation on antibiotics in Animals. The regular treatment of animals is not uncommon to assure “good health”. Meanwhile, if you are ingesting any of these products you are giving yourself a micro dosage of an antibiotic! (most, not all).

Taking microdoses of antibodies will leave you at a major disadvantage when you are looking for a treatment with a prescription. The bacteria in your body changes to be immune from antibiotics you have been taking with your meals. Hence, the constant search for new medicines and the resurgence of older more common treatments.

I seem to recall the first outbreaks of antibody resistant bacteria came from the USA! Now it is very much commonplace.

The Conservative Convention and Max Bernier – a charade!

The Conservative Convention and Max Bernier

This whole convention and sideshow is a Conservative charade! It is across the net the Conservatives/Republicans will do away with the Marketing Board on Dairy which heavily affects PQ. Max Bernier has said he, unlike the other guys, would do away with all the marketing boards thus implying the Conservatives will not do away with them. It is addressing their lack of support for PQ. And speaking of the PQ will mention the article on iPolitic about the Liberal Premier of NB complaining about Jason Kenny’s campaign with the Con candidate locally. The Liberal Premier should make it very public, Jason Kenny had a Trump campaigner elected to the Alberta Legislature!

On the marketing board we need it!  It is a tariff on imports of dairy from the US. If we did not have that in place and allowed US dairy into Canada unchallenged, we would lose our EU trade agreement which, is what the Cons and Trump want. Harper got kicked out of all the EU and Asian trade talks, which was either by design or incompetence.  No one could be that unlucky!

The  US has no controls on the use of Antibiotics and Growth hormone in their animals.  Ingesting their milk or their meats could make a person immune to the effects  our perscribed medications may offer us.  It is a health issue!

Why would Trump be worked up over the Canadian market on dairy which is smaller than any of his states except perhaps Alaska?
He does not want any oppositon by Canada at any trade agreement!

It is part of his attack on institutions in general.

More great reading at a one stop for active up date news feeds.

Some more Canadian History.

Canadian Society of Equity, a farmer’s organization Joined the Alberta’s farmers association to become the United Farmers of Alberta in 1909.

The American Society of Equity from which was established in Indianapolis by J.A. Everitt, its founder.

This was a western Canada Union movement to overcome the very low wages paid to farm workers.

The document finished: Sir Wilfred Laurier saw in that procession (union march in the hall) the beginning of a movement that had quite and effect on the fortunes of his party, (Liberal)which at that time appeared to be almost invincible, especially in the West.

A name change was made this same meeting from “American” to “Canadian”
Amalgamation came with their first Convention in Calgary Jan 31st 1906.  They ordered 1000 copies of the new constitution in German as was represented in the West’s population at that time.

It was at this meeting Southern Alberta and the LDS showed up and became a force.

The Farmers of Alberta United Jan 20th 1909.

Trump Canada and the Saudi

Trump continually complains about the high tariff Canada charges on Dairy.  The fix was out of reach for him during the NAFTA dealings!  These same Tariffs protect Canadians from US product, loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones with little or no regulation.  Why would Trump worry about a market that is as tiny as Quebec’s?

The short answer is, he is not.  He is trying to bump Canada off the EU trade agreement!  Brussels held hard and fast for controls on these items.  If we let the US ship into Canada, we will lose our EU agreement.

The charade:

  1. Trump visits the Saudi.
  2. The Saudi says it wants to develop Nuclear weapons.
  3. Trump supports them in this effort
  4. The Saudi jump all over Canada on all levels.
  5. Trump has put pressure on the NAFTA  negotiations.  But, the real reason remains he wants the Conservatives to form the next Government and do away with our win in the EU.
  1. And, regardless of the new embassy in Israel, this would not go unchallenged by Israel if there were substance in it.