Trump Canada and the Saudi

Trump continually complains about the high tariff Canada charges on Dairy.  The fix was out of reach for him during the NAFTA dealings!  These same Tariffs protect Canadians from US product, loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones with little or no regulation.  Why would Trump worry about a market that is as tiny as Quebec’s?

The short answer is, he is not.  He is trying to bump Canada off the EU trade agreement!  Brussels held hard and fast for controls on these items.  If we let the US ship into Canada, we will lose our EU agreement.

The charade:

  1. Trump visits the Saudi.
  2. The Saudi says it wants to develop Nuclear weapons.
  3. Trump supports them in this effort
  4. The Saudi jump all over Canada on all levels.
  5. Trump has put pressure on the NAFTA  negotiations.  But, the real reason remains he wants the Conservatives to form the next Government and do away with our win in the EU.
  1. And, regardless of the new embassy in Israel, this would not go unchallenged by Israel if there were substance in it.


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