Bell Media group still interfering in Canadian politics.

Have you noticed the onslaught of US stories on our Media? And, where did Canadian content go to?

I was in Inuvik NWT when the Kent State university riots took place. I listened to the America radio channel and would switch off to the Russian News frequency.

Both media feeds were putting forward the same, exact information! What was different was the shape of the stories. Listening to the US news you would think it was all the fault of the protesters. Listening to the Russian news you would believe it is all the fault of the US Government.

I tell you this because the same thing is happening today in the delivery of the news by the Bell Media newsgroup. They inevitably show the Conservatives as owning the high ground, being in the right. And the Liberals as being under siege because of policy.

Another thing they are promoting is the inclusion of town hall meetings like they have in the US. In Canada we have the Gazette system. This is true of the provinces also. Gazette 1 puts forward the proposed laws and changes to the existing laws. Gazette 2 puts forward the decision made after this hearing and the replies from citizens with their objections and support items included, in print. This is a far superior system to the US “shout them down” townhall meetings. This is the LDS at work from Southern Alberta in their blind support for the Republicans!

Something has to be done to dissolve the controls of Bell Media in Canada!