LDS (Mormon) not clearing the board! LDS History starts here:

The Mormon (LDS) Church has more money than most Governments!  They are primarily a Political force buying into the Canadian and US media.  A major threat to democracy.  Huffington Post was its first major foray into multi-media control.  It has gone on a lot farther.

They keep spinning off right-wing parties like the Wild Rose.  They have indoctrinated their followers with their own blend of history and it is totally misguided from the truth.

One startling example was the WRP’s Danielle Smith as a leader.  She claimed and believed Canada did nothing for Alberta; it was the Chase Manhattan Bank that saved Alberta in those early years.

This is pa

China’s efforts in climate change

I see many items of comment about why we should do more when China is a big problem?
I answer these posts with China’s Twin Gorges Dam which has put hundreds of coal-burning plants into shutdown.  Also, I point out they have the best electrical distribution system in the world enabling the whole country to take advantage of Twin Gorges generation. Canada contributed greatly in the building of the Twin Gorges.

Here is an important article from a North American oil magazine.>
Last winter, China gobbled up spot cargoes to meet soaring natural gas demand in freezing temperatures, upending the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, which was thought to be on the verge of oversupply just a year ago.
The Chinese coal-to-gas switch policy for millions of households backfired with severe gas shortages last winter, lifting domestic Chinese LNG prices to more than US$20/mmBtu and driving Asian spot LNG prices up.
This winter, China’s authorities are determined to avoid another natural gas supply crunch. And they are handling supplies much better than past winter—domestic natural gas production is rising, state energy giants are boosting gas pipeline infrastructure and connectivity, and the coal-to-gas switch is more measured and moderate, taking into account expectations of demand.
Chinese natural gas imports are soaring, but procurement for this winter’s demand started early to avoid a last-minute rush and a repeat of the 2017-2018 winter. China’s natural gas storage tanks are close to full. The element of surprise that pushed LNG prices soaring last winter has been eliminated.
This year, weather is also in favor of Chinese authorities. Milder weather a month into the heating season and forecasts for a milder-than-usual winter have led to expectations that China won’t see another supply crunch between December and February.
As a result, spot LNG prices in Asia fell last week to their lowest level in six months, with spot prices for January delivery down US$1 in one week to US$8.80/mmBtu—the lowest price since May this year and down from last year for the first time in 2018. That’s because demand is softer, storage is nearly full, and buyers from China to South Korea to Japan had moved in as early as in September and October to procure LNG cargoes to avoid last year’s rush and surging market prices. A drop in spot LNG prices in Asia is not typical for the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Related: Citi: Oil Prices Are Going Nowhere Next Year
Prices and natural gas demand soared last winter as China was scrambling to procure supplies in a colder-than-usual season. The authorities had to backtrack on the coal ban in some areas to ease the crunch.
This year, milder weather has surely helped, but China started to carefully plan supply, as soon as last winter’s season ended. Posted by John Clark at 2:17 pm

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Lawyers, go to work.

I accept the foundation to our democracy is an open and informed news media.  Having said this, it is a job for lawyers to apply this thought to the elections in Quebec and New Brunswick.  Why you ask?

Stephen Harper, before he was elected said “I will change Canada so you will not recognize it.”  Then, he invited Bell Media into our country to take over our infrastructure in their area of expertise.

Bell Media took control if not ownership of all the IP providers in the country, (you will see substantial increases in your service very soon)  Some have already doubled their costs to us.

They entered into an iron fist control of both New Brunswick and Montreal Media (printed) outlets.  In doing so they blocked posts that were critical of the Conservative Party.  This was instrumental in electing right wing Governments in those areas.  This is why I think it is possible to have these elections set aside!

What they are after is 6 provincial Governments so they can change the Canadian Constitution to something more acceptable to the ingress of the US Republicans.


Harper and Kenny were run off of every trade negotiation they entered into.   All these rejections have since been turned around by the Liberal Government.   Their dalliance with the west coast pipelines is still another avenue for them to throw the advantages to the US.

John Diefenbaker gave the Avro Aero


to the US.  This was the first fighter based aeroplane to fly beyond the speed of sound!  And, his destruction of the only prototype in Canada firmly establishes him as a Traitor.  It forever closed the door to an advanced aero industry in Canada.

Stephen Harper, sold the Wheat Marketing board to a private company.  This filled the issue of the US complaints on marketing boards in Canada even while their Dairy sector is setting up its own form of marketing boards!   This was against farmers wishes in Alberta (with exception of the Southern Alberta LDS community)

In anticipation UCP privatization of health care.

The US Republicans have continually expressed their distaste  the Canadian Health Care system .  Because it is paid for by all and covers all  they try to bend it into a welfare system.

U.S. health care spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person. As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product,health spending accounted for 17.9 percent. Dec 11, 2018 

With their high expense there is close to 50%  of Americans who have no coverage!  Canada’s lower costs cover 100% of our people.

Here is an example of a google search which will turn up the numbers

From <>


There is a great amount of information comparing systems. When Klein introduced his third way several groups of Doctors were vocal in wanting an Canadian type system in the US!

COVID 19: We are not out of it we are about half way.

It’s not OHM’s Law!

Meanwhile, 5 new, different Coronaviruses have been found in Bats.  Studies ongoing as to how they will mutate.  The Bronx zoo reports it’s big cats were tested and found to be infected with COVID 19.  At has crossed still another species.  A house cat has also checked positive.

The LA Times reports autopsies have been preformed on people who died of lung complications before Corona Virus was on the map. It turns out COVID 19 was present in California about the same time as the outbreak in China was noted (January)

https://The #XL the Conservatives x-l-pipeline-albertas-dime-john-clark/>

The #XL Pipeline is a waste of time and should not receive a cent from Alberta! It is Kenny’s allegiance to the US coupled with a payoff to Conservative buddies that is putting this up.   Politically, it also pits teachers pensions against any move by the fed in the future to cancel it.   The Liberals should be moving on it now!

The US is self-sufficient in oil now, what they import, they process and export. For the first time in their history, they are exporting condensate to Mexico who, in turn, are now in a position to make the range of types of gasoline. This condensate excess comes from the Balkan shale play, and it can’t be injected back into the feed as this will only produce higher quantities of condensate coming out.

Obama set all this in play by building 23000 miles of new pipelines between the US oil divisions. These divisions are now full to capacity, as is the US emergency storage used to balance the oil markets.

Point is whatever goes though this pipeline is adding to US exports and working against the promise of the Trans Mountain pipeline which the US sees as opposition and is supported by the Conservatives