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The #XL Pipeline is a waste of time and should not receive a cent from Alberta! It is Kenny’s allegiance to the US coupled with a payoff to Conservative buddies that is putting this up.   Politically, it also pits teachers pensions against any move by the fed in the future to cancel it.   The Liberals should be moving on it now!

The US is self-sufficient in oil now, what they import, they process and export. For the first time in their history, they are exporting condensate to Mexico who, in turn, are now in a position to make the range of types of gasoline. This condensate excess comes from the Balkan shale play, and it can’t be injected back into the feed as this will only produce higher quantities of condensate coming out.

Obama set all this in play by building 23000 miles of new pipelines between the US oil divisions. These divisions are now full to capacity, as is the US emergency storage used to balance the oil markets.

Point is whatever goes though this pipeline is adding to US exports and working against the promise of the Trans Mountain pipeline which the US sees as opposition and is supported by the Conservatives

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