Crediblity of Alberta’s Covid numbers and opening is challanged.

#Following is an article from the Los Angles times High Lighted, is the criteria as set down by the WHO.  #Alberta has not met any of these criteria!  In addition, Cargill has 2000 workers of which 1560 cases of OVID are linked to the plant did not show up in Alberta’s COVID figures.
— The number of new cases must decline for at least two consecutive weeks.
— The state must be able to perform contact tracing on every new case that appears.
— Tests must be available to diagnose any person with symptoms.
— The healthcare system must have the capacity to treat all patients, not just those with COVID-19

How to enforce Herd Immunization.

Kids appear to be susceptible to COVIS 19 they also appear to have a very slight illness from having it. 

Open schools too soon.

Send Kids to school, some may already be carriers (most likely) who can infect other kids.
Kids now infected can carry and distribute virus for 3 weeks without showing up on tests or showing effects.
Same kids come back home and infect parents and grandparents who will be easier to compromise. Teachers are already hooped.

The Conservative party is governed by Christian right-wing fundamentalists who are decided on Herd Immunization. And, it is no time to forget Kenny and the UCP were not elected; they stole the election with the help of Bell Media and their Post Media press.