Trudeau may not be perfect; check out Harper’s score!

I’m aware of Trudeau’s failings, but he’s a piker compared to the nightmare that was #Harper. There’s way, way, too much to list from those awful years. Here’s a small sampling: (very small)


~ Against court order, refusal to share budget Info.
~ Conservative Cabinet Staffers Granted Immunity from Testimony
~ Conservatives Falsify Reports and Documents
~ Repeated Duplicity on Costing of F-35 Fighter Jets
~ Harper Minister Lies, Blames Statistics Canada for Killing Long Form Census
~ Conservatives Engage in Abuse of Process with Omnibus Bills on a scale never before seen.
~ Conservatives Engage in Abuse of Process with parliamentary committees. Top Conservatives prepared a handbook instructing Conservative committee chairpersons on how to obstruct and sabotage proceedings.
~ Access to Information System Impeded
~ Loyalty Oaths Imposed on Public Servants
~ Suppression of Research
~ Like Never Before, Limits Placed on Media Access
~ Conservatives Block Accreditation for Opposition MPs
~ Clampdown on Freedom of Speech of Diplomatic Corps
~ Aquatic Science Libraries Decimated for no reason other than to destroy valuable environmental information.
~ Illegitimate Prorogation of Parliament, Twice
~ Undue Interference with Independent Agencies
~ Billions Borrowed without Parliament’s Permission
~ Lapdogs Appointed as Watchdogs
~ Undermining Statistics Canada, Killing Data
~ Government Muzzles Science Community
~ Cons’ Elections Bill Strips Power from Elections Canada
~ Harper Minister Smears Head of Elections Canada
~ Conservative Convicted on Robocalls Scam
~ Harper undercuts EC and tries to suppress vote with unfair elections act.
~ Conservative Bill Rewrites History to Protect Mounties from Potential Criminal Charges
~ Harper Government Sued by Justice Department Whistleblower
~ Time and again the Harper government proposed bills that ended up being shot down by the courts, prompting critics to say such legislation was more about making political statements than lasting policy.
~ Tactic Borrowed from North Korea. Ostensibly neutral public servants were used as stooges, falsely posing as new citizens in a staged Citizenship Renewal public relations exercise by the Immigration Department
~ UN Blasted Canada’s Treatment of Immigrants. Changes made to Canada’s immigration and refugee system under Harper were investigated by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, whose report blasted how thousands of migrants were detained indefinitely without due process, many for over a year or more, as well as poor mental health support for those incarcerated.
~ The ‘Harper Government’ Labelling Deception. Public servants were told to use “Harper Government” instead of “Government of Canada” in publicity releases. The Conservatives denied it was happening — until internal memos revealed by the Canadian Press revealed the denial to be without basis.
~ Conservatives Place Party Logos on Government of Canada Cheques
~ Record Amounts of Partisan Political Advertising, on the Public Purse
~ Conservatives Stack Their Own Ridings with Infrastructure Funds
~ Revenue Canada set loose to Attack Charities that weren’t ideologically in line with Harper’s beliefs, including environmental, animal welfare, etc…
~ Conservatives Use Unheard of Tactic to Force through Anti-Union Bill
~ Harper Smears Liberal Sikh MP, Insinuating Tie to Terrorism. He was completely wrong yet wouldn’t apologize.
~ Citizens Ejected from Conservative Rallies simply because they weren’t screened and vetted beforehand as being Conservative party members. If they were spotted, they were gone. Unbelievably, during election campaigns.
~ Conservatives Make Campaign Event Attendees Sign Gag Order

Canadian Political History

As a one time Conservative Riding secretary and of an age greater than 90% of Canadians I offer this glimpse into our past.

The Liberals built Canada with little interruption to their base until 1919 to 1937 in which case the American Republicans working through the Morman Church, helped them establish “The United Farmers of Alberta”  This party morphed itself into the Veterans and Active force, 1944 to 1948, again the US Republicans were fully involved.  This morphed into the Conservatives which found a hard landing after Diefenbaker and the Avro-Arrow. (You now know the reason Diefenbaker scrapped the Arrow in Canada allowing the US to take up the design) and, Harper sold off a marketing board to US interest on leaving office.

They again morphed into the Progressive Conservatives.  While the Wild Rose Party kept the original foundation going with the Church.  Now we had two political parties which could appear as opposition, one extreme and one tame by comparison.

The new #Alberta Advantage Party is a warm over of the WRP!  Looking at their broucher “The  peopole of Albera know what Eequalization payments are.  We know that the taxs we pay are sent to ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization transfers.”  This is an outright lie!  We pay a Federal Tax as does every other Canadian. It is out of  this federal tax the equiliztion payments are drawn.

Further, the #AAP would hault the process of sending Alberta’s portion of icome tax to  Ottawa. APP would set up an Alberta Revenue service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.  Again BS.  It would take 6 provinces to agree with Alberta before such a thing could be done and it would irridicate and disolve Canada.

“If elected to government, the AAP willnot sign an agrement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.  Simply put, the #Republican view that Canada should be boken up and joined with the US!  Just like the WRP!


Take a look at The Huffington Post” to see the teamwork us/Canadian and the treatment you get if you enter an opinion on US politics.

I tell you this in the hopes you will know more about who you are voting for.


LG Phones – You should think again!

How Virgin mobile got into me was through a time purchase of an LG G3 phone.

Now, the port is damaged and needs a replacement.  Remember this was bought through Virgin Canada.

LG Canada says it is a US phone, that it is still under warranty but, they cannot fix US phones in Canada!

LG USA my next stop  tells me yes the phone is under warranty, the fix is free but they cannot serve anyone in Canada.

Their solution is for me to get a US mail address and have it shipped from there to LG US and they will in turn return it to that same US mail drop.

This deal with Virgin Mobile is a trip from hell.   Again stay away!




Virgin Mobile Scam. Stay away!

The CRTC advise me @Virgin Mobile Canada Ltd. Box 5030 Stn Main, Burlington ON.  L7r 0B9 is a US company.  Therefore the @CRTC has no jurisdiction.  Makes one wonder about how Google gets away with so much.  I have written the @Prime Minister on this problem will share his response if any when it comes.

In my case I paid off my phone days ahead of my contract anniversary date, paid all due amounts on my services telling Verizon I was moving to another carrier so an accurate final figure was necessary.  The next day they came back to me with the “absolute” final number which I paid immediately though the bank.

I moved to Rogers who for days monitored #Virgin reporting back to me firstly the number  had not been cleared.   A day later (still  4 days before billing period end) the phone had been cleared but the number would not release to Rogers.

This continued for 2 days past the account new period date then, on the third day Rogers reported they finally had the number @Virgin had  turned it loose.

Next I received a bill for 86.00 from @Virgin for the months service because they still were in charge of my number for the firsts 2 days!   On top of this, an additional 130.00 bill arrived “for early termination of the contract”   My contact reads “should you decide to leave Virgin, you must pay off any balance remaining on your phone”

This is a scam, even criminal so much so it is a case for the  #RCMP.

When I pointed this out to their rep on the phone he proceeded to threaten me with a 300 dollars additional bill because I ended my service with them!  This, should I make any mention of the scam part of he conversions and interaction.

My advise to you is to stay clear of Virgin Mobile Services.  It is a deal that is no deal at all!

The #LG Fitness app is in a rip off territory of its own!  Originally designed to store your workout apps on your phone which like mine has considerable memory and worked well.  Then between @Google and @LG possibly @Virgin and @Bell Media a new upgrade was introduced.   This upgrade started banging on you bandwidth immediately.    Within 3 days before I tumbled to it 2 GB of data has been siphoned out of my account keeping track of my steps and unloading what appears to be every one, to the Virgin people.  The girl I first contacted suggested it was in constant communication with the Satellite!  What a stretch!

After a huge argument they cancelled that 2 GB of data.  You have to really wonder if you want a google upgrade or not.   App upgrades usually mean more bandwidth and less service with a much slower phone.

My next phone is going to be ios which I know will obsolete itself by the introduction of new, out of reach operating systems.  That is how Apple became billionaires.  But, to my mind better than the creeping malaise of Google and their android.

Virgin have made an offer based on false numbers of 24.00 pay out which, I have refused explaining my  expectation was a zero balance removal of the their apps on my phone and In return I would hold my nose and let the rest pass.

CRTC is undertaking an investigation now.

The CRTC was able to resolve the issue.  Virizon sent me a 24.00 bill which i refused  to pay.   This was reduced to zero and all the Virizon apps are taken off my phone.

Of further interest to thoes who follow; CRTC cannot stop a scam like this for everyone.  They can only act on personal, individual complaints.