The Conservative Convention and Max Bernier – a charade!

The Conservative Convention and Max Bernier

This whole convention and sideshow is a Conservative charade! It is across the net the Conservatives/Republicans will do away with the Marketing Board on Dairy which heavily affects PQ. Max Bernier has said he, unlike the other guys, would do away with all the marketing boards thus implying the Conservatives will not do away with them. It is addressing their lack of support for PQ. And speaking of the PQ will mention the article on iPolitic about the Liberal Premier of NB complaining about Jason Kenny’s campaign with the Con candidate locally. The Liberal Premier should make it very public, Jason Kenny had a Trump campaigner elected to the Alberta Legislature!

On the marketing board we need it!  It is a tariff on imports of dairy from the US. If we did not have that in place and allowed US dairy into Canada unchallenged, we would lose our EU trade agreement which, is what the Cons and Trump want. Harper got kicked out of all the EU and Asian trade talks, which was either by design or incompetence.  No one could be that unlucky!

The  US has no controls on the use of Antibiotics and Growth hormone in their animals.  Ingesting their milk or their meats could make a person immune to the effects  our perscribed medications may offer us.  It is a health issue!

Why would Trump be worked up over the Canadian market on dairy which is smaller than any of his states except perhaps Alaska?
He does not want any oppositon by Canada at any trade agreement!

It is part of his attack on institutions in general.

More great reading at a one stop for active up date news feeds.

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