Virgin Mobile Scam. Stay away!

The CRTC advise me @Virgin Mobile Canada Ltd. Box 5030 Stn Main, Burlington ON.  L7r 0B9 is a US company.  Therefore the @CRTC has no jurisdiction.  Makes one wonder about how Google gets away with so much.  I have written the @Prime Minister on this problem will share his response if any when it comes.

In my case I paid off my phone days ahead of my contract anniversary date, paid all due amounts on my services telling Verizon I was moving to another carrier so an accurate final figure was necessary.  The next day they came back to me with the “absolute” final number which I paid immediately though the bank.

I moved to Rogers who for days monitored #Virgin reporting back to me firstly the number  had not been cleared.   A day later (still  4 days before billing period end) the phone had been cleared but the number would not release to Rogers.

This continued for 2 days past the account new period date then, on the third day Rogers reported they finally had the number @Virgin had  turned it loose.

Next I received a bill for 86.00 from @Virgin for the months service because they still were in charge of my number for the firsts 2 days!   On top of this, an additional 130.00 bill arrived “for early termination of the contract”   My contact reads “should you decide to leave Virgin, you must pay off any balance remaining on your phone”

This is a scam, even criminal so much so it is a case for the  #RCMP.

When I pointed this out to their rep on the phone he proceeded to threaten me with a 300 dollars additional bill because I ended my service with them!  This, should I make any mention of the scam part of he conversions and interaction.

My advise to you is to stay clear of Virgin Mobile Services.  It is a deal that is no deal at all!

The #LG Fitness app is in a rip off territory of its own!  Originally designed to store your workout apps on your phone which like mine has considerable memory and worked well.  Then between @Google and @LG possibly @Virgin and @Bell Media a new upgrade was introduced.   This upgrade started banging on you bandwidth immediately.    Within 3 days before I tumbled to it 2 GB of data has been siphoned out of my account keeping track of my steps and unloading what appears to be every one, to the Virgin people.  The girl I first contacted suggested it was in constant communication with the Satellite!  What a stretch!

After a huge argument they cancelled that 2 GB of data.  You have to really wonder if you want a google upgrade or not.   App upgrades usually mean more bandwidth and less service with a much slower phone.

My next phone is going to be ios which I know will obsolete itself by the introduction of new, out of reach operating systems.  That is how Apple became billionaires.  But, to my mind better than the creeping malaise of Google and their android.

Virgin have made an offer based on false numbers of 24.00 pay out which, I have refused explaining my  expectation was a zero balance removal of the their apps on my phone and In return I would hold my nose and let the rest pass.

CRTC is undertaking an investigation now.

The CRTC was able to resolve the issue.  Virizon sent me a 24.00 bill which i refused  to pay.   This was reduced to zero and all the Virizon apps are taken off my phone.

Of further interest to thoes who follow; CRTC cannot stop a scam like this for everyone.  They can only act on personal, individual complaints.

LG-How it protects itself from consumers.

I ran into this when I was about to repair a 2007 front loading washer which needed a door seal.  A small matter of taking off the retaining spring and putting it back on over the  new seal.

It turns out I could not buy a door seal!  Why? Because @LG has (unlike any other company) said this was “a critical part” and needed service by “an official repairman”.  Liabilities hidden and otherwise given as reason.  They gave me the name and number of a local repair man who said “I have never done one of those”

Very similar happened on a microwave that needed the insert of a new circuit board. A very straight forward, easy thing to do; easily accessable.  Especially when the microwave was owned by an IT leader.  Again, they would not sell him the boad but directed him to an “official repairman” for several hundred dollars as this was considered a “security issue”

Planned obselense taken to a new level by LG!  This is the only company to go to this extreme that I am aware of.  This of this if  you are planning the lower priced LG product  as a purchase.




Google (Android) phone and service.

If you still have time to make a decision on  IOS or Android read this first.

Google/Bell has the most aggressive marketing systems in the marketplace.

I own an LG G3.  LG has loaded it with their updated LG Fitness app. You cannot turn off or delete this app once installed and it burns up your dataplan with it’s constant hammering.

Google’s weather report is respectable.   I wanted to use the CTV local app (which is also Bell) and found it could not function because access to screen overlay is in the locked position.  This means you are left with choice of uninstalling it.

Your phone is constantly inundated with adds when ever you try to use one of the supplied apps.   My thought is I paid 900 dollars for an Android phone which I use 10% of the time and Google uses 90% of the resource.

My wife has an IOS and it works flawlessly by comparison with none of the inabilities built into the Android.




Trump’s plans seem to be working the way he planned.

He said in his campaign he would look after ISIS.  Likewise he said he would cut down on immigration.

What he did do was get into a pissing contest with China over the north China sea that will go nowhere.   All China  has to do is sell off their US dollars and the US is finished.

So?  A free, seemingly aggressive press run.

Meanwhile he explains to the those that voted him in that he is pulling out of the Middle east putting his attention on the Philippians and China.

What it means he has turned the middle east over to the Russians who will bomb the shit out of ISIS and any one else that is against Assad!   Latest news is Aleppo surrounded, Assad’s army murdering their way though this city under Russian Air cover.


LG Phones – You should think again!

How Virgin mobile got into me was through a time purchase of an LG G3 phone.

Now, the port is damaged and needs a replacement.  Remember this was bought through Virgin Canada.

LG Canada says it is a US phone, that it is still under warranty but, they cannot fix US phones in Canada!

LG USA my next stop  tells me yes the phone is under warranty, the fix is free but they cannot serve anyone in Canada.

Their solution is for me to get a US mail address and have it shipped from there to LG US and they will in turn return it to that same US mail drop.

This deal with Virgin Mobile is a trip from hell.   Again stay away!




Windows 10: Thinking of update so called?

#Windows 10 when all the right pieces are in place, is pretty remarkable.   However like most things beautiful there can be drawbacks.  Specifically peripheral suppliers; #printers may be using this as a reason to antiquate your existing printer by not supplying drivers for Windows 10.   @Samsung is one of these companies.

The printer I own is a little used Samsung C460W multinational color printer/scanner etc.

MS made a @new office 365 available to me.  I had to reinstall the printer drivers and it crashed the new installation. The @Samsung Universal Print Driver3 is what they offered up.  It is built for Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and they plan no release for Windows 10!

As luck would have it I still have one machine running on windows 7 and was able to install the driver there and link through the networks to it.

Point is.   Make sure drivers are available for windows 10 before you upgrade unless you plan on buying a new printer!