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This is a critical time for Canadian Business!  You have centered your pollical thinking on which party promises the best plan for growth coupled with which party will give you the best tax deal.

All these ideals have merit but you look over the fact the Conservatives have kept Canadians on the string as haulers of water and hewers of wood for all of your lifetime!

If you finance them again you will be on track to repeat our past! It is no accident Scheer’s cure for everything is “give them what they want” when dealing with the US.

Soon enough we will be facing bulk water export to the US.  Targeted is the Mighty Peace River.  There is a fully engineered plan called “the Weaterford Project” after the engineering company.   This is to move 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River to Southern Alberta and the US!  This is what the BC dam is all about; a sump to draw the water from.  At 1100 MW it cannot pay for it’s self.

If the Conservatives build this, Canadians will pay for the pipeline and the US will get really cheap water.  Our overhead will go up and theirs, down.

The point is, there is no saving for you voting Conservative.  You have lost access to the world trade, we are now rebuilding after the Harper-Kenny fiasco.  Your opportunities for business will shrink.

Harper brought in Bell Media to control our IP and printed news.  They used this to curtail any negative comment in the east about the Conservatives and, this may well result in the eastern Conservatives seats being set aside until a fresh, open vote can be taken.

Some more Canadian History.

Canadian Society of Equity, a farmer’s organization Joined the Alberta’s farmers association to become the United Farmers of Alberta in 1909.

The American Society of Equity from which was established in Indianapolis by J.A. Everitt, its founder.

This was a western Canada Union movement to overcome the very low wages paid to farm workers.

The document finished: Sir Wilfred Laurier saw in that procession (union march in the hall) the beginning of a movement that had quite and effect on the fortunes of his party, (Liberal)which at that time appeared to be almost invincible, especially in the West.

A name change was made this same meeting from “American” to “Canadian”
Amalgamation came with their first Convention in Calgary Jan 31st 1906.  They ordered 1000 copies of the new constitution in German as was represented in the West’s population at that time.

It was at this meeting Southern Alberta and the LDS showed up and became a force.

The Farmers of Alberta United Jan 20th 1909.

UCP/Kenny List of Lies.

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One more election related post because it’s important – and then sleep.

From a very impressive friend regarding the lies and bs slung by the UCP in Alberta.

UPDATE: This post has been edited to add references, just in case anyone asks for them. A lot of this information has been gained through months and years of following this stuff so not every single thing I mention has been sourced, as I can’t always retrace my steps to find it all. But the references I have added should do the trick.

So I’ve been on a tear lately digging into lots of facts and statistics to counter a lot of misinformation I’m seeing during this election. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing this collection of disparate but loosely connected corrections.

1) Misinformation/Obfuscation #1
We currently have only 46% of the oil rigs we had in 2014 and it’s all Rachel Notley’s Fault. I’ve seen this one attached to a bar graph which “demonstrates” that drop.

Truth #1: While we do currently have 46% of the number of oil rigs in Alberta that we had in 2014, the drop happened pre-NDP. As of April 10, 2015, there were only 60 active oil rigs in Alberta. This is immediately preceding the NDP taking power. A better way to detail our current state is to say that, with 144 oil rigs and counting, our current government has increased the number of oil rigs in the province from PC days by more than 200%.

2) Misinformation/Obfuscation #2: The NDP took a province with no debt and built a debt of $70 billion dollars.

Truth #2: While yes, our debt in Alberta is currently hovering around that number, the province was not debt-free when the NDP took over. In fact, in the 12 months preceding the NDP taking power in 2015, the PC government accrued close to $12 billion worth of debt. This is a very similar debt load to that accrued each year by the NDP. Certainly this level of debt is not ideal, but the economic challenges being faced by the NDP have been unprecedented. During their 4 years in power, they faced the largest and most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history. (Fort Mac)…/the-history-of-albertas-debt-posit…/…/alberta-wildfires-costlies…

3) Misinformation/Obfuscation #3: The NDP have destroyed industry while increasing a “bloated” public sector in way that has never happened before. I have often seen this comment attached to a statistic (from the Fraser Institute) of something like 85,000 new public sector jobs during the NDP’s tenure.

Truth #3: For that statistic to be true, the NDP government would need to be creating 60 public sector jobs every single day for the entire four years they have been in power.

In actuality, a total of 28,000 full time equivalent positions were created between 2015 and 2019. Which is pretty much in line with the average increase during PC days. Between the years of 2008 and 2012, around 25,000 public sector jobs were created in Alberta.

You may need to adjust the data parameters but:…

4) Misinformation/Obfuscation #4: The NDP is terrible at fiscal management and can’t budget.

Truth #4: The NDP made a conscious decision to accept the economic consequences of prioritizing social service supports instead of balancing the “budget”, in the face of the largest recession this province has seen in decades. But, to get down to brass tacks, my research has indicated that for each year the NDP have been governing this province, their actual expenses have been within about 1% of their projected budget for the year.

This one takes a bunch of digging into budget projections and comparing to end of year spending reports. Let me know if you need data on this and I will try and help.

5) Misinformation/Obfuscation #5: The NDP introduced a carbon tax that they did not campaign on, and they did it for no reason.

Truth #5: This is mostly true, except (!) they didn’t campaign on it because they weren’t planning on it. When faced with negotiations over the pipeline with the federal government, the NDP was basically given no choice but to introduce a carbon tax if they wanted to get federal support for the pipeline.

Lots of articles on this but here’s one I found:

6) Misinformation/Obfuscation #6: If Kenney is voted in, he will get rid of the carbon tax immediately.

Truth #6: This one is especially egregious because it’s not a real thing that can happen. If Kenney cancels the provincial carbon tax, the federal carbon tax will come into affect. Which means that instead of all of that levy money coming from Albertans going back into Albertan projects and Albertans’ pockets, the levy moneys will be paid to the federal government. And while the federal government is supposed to distribute those funds back into the province they came from, do Albertans who already don’t trust the federal government truly believe that the federal government will send that money back to us?…/trudeau-says-will-be-cash-back…/amp

7) Misinformation/Obfuscation #7: Kenney will be able to successfully challenge the federal carbon tax.

Truth #7: Nope, he won’t.

Actually though, Albertans will pay a lot of money to a lot of lawyers (some estimate upwards of 1,000 lawyers) to launch this lawsuit. But ultimately, the federal government is well within their jurisdiction to introduce a federal tax, and the legal challenge will ultimately be unsuccessful and a huge waste of our money.

Here is a very lengthy analysis of the constitutional validity of a carbon tax. Enjoy:…

8 ) Misinformation/Obfuscation #8: Kenney will hold a referendum to determine if Albertans want him to challenge equalization payments. This will then make the federal government reconsider and treat Albertans better.

Truth #8: Wanna buy some magic beans?

He is promising to spend a bunch of money to ask Albertans a question and then tell the federal government to do as we ask. I thought we don’t trust the federal government?

But also, if Kenney didn’t like the formula for equalization payments when the federal government decided on it, maybe he should have put up a fuss about it when he was part of the sitting federal government that chose it!

This is not the best source for this, but it is a quick rundown of the history of equalization payment evaluation, and Kenney’s role in it:…/the-equalization-history-that-jason…/

9) Misinformation/Obfuscation #9: Alberta spends more per capita on health care than almost any other province and it’s all the NDP’s fault.

Truth #9: While it is true that we do rank among the highest in health care spending, there are a ton of reasons for that. Doctor’s salaries in Alberta being higher than almost any other provinces – this is a fact that has been true for a very long time, going way back into PC days.

Also, while we spend the most per capita on health of all the provinces, we typically have the lowest percentage of our provincial GDP spent on health, and we are average when it comes to the percentage of our overall provincial expenditures that goes to health care.
Health care stats:……/Physicians_in_Canada_2016.pdf

What I find more interesting is that we consistently have a below average percentage of physicians who are women compared to the rest of the country. But I digress.

All of this very long post is to say, there is a ton of misinformation out there right now and I implore you to just google and confirm the things you read. Find the statistics in their original home, not biased interpretations like the Fraser Institute. And if you want to talk politics with other people in the hopes of swaying someone’s opinion, please arm yourselves with real, confirmed facts and figures.

A Conservative Disaster unfolding.

The Conservatives are building on their hate carbon tax program.  In Alberta, Kenny is pulling numbers out of his hat and it appears at least for now people are eating it up.  The NDP responded to his promise list.  It would take 2.4 billion dollars to fill those promises!  Outright lies!

In Ottawa Scheer is doing much of the same thing. 

While in Ontario Ford has hired a new board of directors for the power company and is paying them 150% of what the previous directors were getting. 
By trashing all the Green initiatives in place by the previous Liberal Government. He has lost 3 billion dollars in income from the Cap and Trade.  This is an annual figure and will continue.  Being cash short he is cutting programs for the most vulnerable!

Moe in Saskatchewan was all for the carbon tax until visited by Scheer and Ford.  His quick turn around was outstanding!.

If the Conservatives get 6 provinces, they will be in a position to rewrite our constitution and, if you have spent any time thinking about those implications you will know it is dangerous and will basically turn control over to the US,  even more so than they have now.

Think about it just a bit. Do you want the Mormons and LDS thinking to invade our school systems? Kenny is pushing on that agenda now.

Bell Media, Post Media interfering in Canadian Election!

Post Media (Bell Media control) is interfearing with the Canadian election process by blocking comment which may be contrary to the Conservative BS being peddled.  Post are putting our inaccurate and inflamiatory stories, taking polls from Calgary south and calling them provincial polls and not allowing any challange to the same inaccurate, even lies, stories.

Bell Media  is in charge of post media and our  ip providers.  Brought intoCanada by Stephen Harper on his promise to “change Canada so we would never recognize it”

Warned of the situation in advance the NDP chose to go along with Bell Media in the new G5 networks build.   They were betrayed by their contractarl tech people.  With this vested bias, Post Media (Financial Post) (Edmonton Journal) cannot be trusted on their Financial Information.

Huawei is superior to the Bell Media G5 in many ways.  It is being used by Telus in Alberta and is the Government choice in the BC interior.  Huawei has shown no evidence of inteference in Canadian politcs!

Bell Media group still interfering in Canadian politics.

Have you noticed the onslaught of US stories on our Media? And, where did Canadian content go to?

I was in Inuvik NWT when the Kent State university riots took place. I listened to the America radio channel and would switch off to the Russian News frequency.

Both media feeds were putting forward the same, exact information! What was different was the shape of the stories. Listening to the US news you would think it was all the fault of the protesters. Listening to the Russian news you would believe it is all the fault of the US Government.

I tell you this because the same thing is happening today in the delivery of the news by the Bell Media newsgroup. They inevitably show the Conservatives as owning the high ground, being in the right. And the Liberals as being under siege because of policy.

Another thing they are promoting is the inclusion of town hall meetings like they have in the US. In Canada we have the Gazette system. This is true of the provinces also. Gazette 1 puts forward the proposed laws and changes to the existing laws. Gazette 2 puts forward the decision made after this hearing and the replies from citizens with their objections and support items included, in print. This is a far superior system to the US “shout them down” townhall meetings. This is the LDS at work from Southern Alberta in their blind support for the Republicans!

Something has to be done to dissolve the controls of Bell Media in Canada!

If you still have doubts about the Cons (CRA Party)

CRAP is the new acronym for the Con Parties!  Conservative Republican Association Party.

Sealed by Harper, Canada’s worst Prime Minister in his press release telling Canada to capitulate to Trump in the NAFT Agreement!  As if this turkey still can give a Release!  He is a Republican first and a Canadian second.  This is the man who said he would change Canada to a point we would not recognize it.

The Mexican President past said it best; “We (Canada and Mexico) are sending highly trained and skilled people, specialists in their field into the NAFTA talks.  The US has picked people (of unrelated backgrounds instead) being picked by their poliltcal stripe.”

And, we all know the people we are asked to deal with in thoes talks have nothing at all to say about the agreement.  Everything is taken back to Trump for a yes or no and no discussion.