Kenny opts for Klein non-education plan.

Kenny continues to follow in Ralph Klein’s footsteps!

Cuts to secondary education to reach 20% in the next few years.

This year: Athabasca #education University-1%University of Alberta-9%University of Calgary-6%University of Lethbridge-6%Grant MacEwan University-2%Mount Royal University-5%Grande Prairie Regional College-9%Keyano College-9%Medicine Hat College-2%Red Deer College-7%NAIT-3%SAIT-4%Concordia University-1%

They plan on making up the shortage of certificates lost by this move from primarily the US Graduates and by running help wanted adds around the world, Just like Ralphie! All we can do is try to survive the Conservatives until the next election.

The way the education system will work: Dum down grade school and high school. There are no university entrance courses. No Calculus introduction. Reduce the trade school entrance demands making sure there is an easy path to trade. Defund the universities this will mean most people cannot afford the University fees and will opt their kids into trade school. We lost good minds to 8 years of this scenario.

O’Tool’s party address.

In his address on TV an hour ago I picked up a few things. He never came near the Avro Aero when he said his party has always looked after Canada. He failed to explain a constant Conservative presence at foreign trade meetings, always coming back empty-handed. He mentioned making inroads with China who don’t want anything to do with the Conservatives.

He was big on a climate change plan and let’s not forget it is the far right-wing that got him elected, not the moderates. This was reported across Bell and post media after his election.. Back to climate change Harper/Kenny had a climate change plan that was all about cap and trade.

What it was, was a scam that allowed corporations to ship large amounts of money across international borders with no tax on either end. The more air he passes, the more it sounds the same. A warmed over Harper.