Erin O’Toole – The two sided leader.

Another snake in the grass Conservative! On the evening of his “win” and a few days after it was reported he had won over the “hard right-wing” of the Conservatives. According to the Jargon of the day, it was this extreme right-wing that elected him!

#The Conservatives viewed Kim Campbell as being a “Red” Tory. Now, we have a hard right-wing presenting himself as a “Red” tory as the leader of the group. He probably won’t be the wing job that his predecessor was, but he is on Trump wavelength though and through.

Defund the WTO (World Trade Organization)

I tuned into the Conservative Leadership tonight and, it scares the hell out of me.  

Up, front and Center, a page out of Trump’s play south.  Defund the WTO!. (World Trade Organization)

This will lead us back to one country to deal with, the US, and in between run interference with other nations for the US.

There is no up-side to this!