How low Cons sunk for Control..

Stephen Harper said before he was elected, “I will change Canada so you won’t even recognize it”  And so he did.

He invited the Bell media company whom we all think we know, into Canda in a leadership role.  Bell media now has oversight on this country’s IP providers, if not outright ownership.

The Conservatives, using climate change as a divisionary tactic hope to get 6 provinces in this country.  That will give them the platform from which they can re-write the constitution.  And, you won’t like that!

Meanwhile, Bell media involved in printed press now runs articles with Scheer outright lies and makes sure there is no room for comments allowing his BS to fly rather than have it buried as the misinformation he puts out.  And, in some cases refuses membership and subscriber fees or simply blocks some posters (myself included).

With Canda’s mainstream communication in direct control of the Conservatives and the US Republicans, I say it is time for the Feds to examine the rules surrounding foreign ownership and open further the influence of the CRTC to set parameters on activities of the printed press, assuring they are open.   With the advent of the computer and mass media at this level, it is not enough that we accept financial papers as being right wing and miscellaneous papers as being left wing.

Better we do away with the labels and put in rules that assure all print papers and online renditions of same are open, not partisan.

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