Lawyers, go to work!

Our Democracy in these technical times rests on a vibrant and open news media. Stephen Harper removed that from us!  This is why the Conservatives and right-wing Governments took office in New Brunswick and Quebec.  We should be able to set aside these elections and have fair contests. Lawyers have no spare time!

Harper installed Bell Media into Canada.  This company would assume control over our IP providers (costs for services will escalate now) and involved themselves in the mainline printed media in much the same way.   They used this position to block posts critical of the Conservatives allowing an unfair if not illegal votes to take place in eastern Canada.

The Conservatives are after 6 provinces in which case they will be in a position to rewrite our constitution! Their goal is to permanently set Canada as the hewer of wood and the hauler of water.  Any advancements will go to the US Republican body.

All this is being propelled by the LDS (Mormon) Church of Southern Alberta who has spun off The Wild Rose Party, the Alliance party and the Alberta


The Conservative Party of Canada was annexed by the US Republican party in 1908. They used the LDS (Mormon) church in southern Alberta as their vehicle.

John Diefenbaker gave the Avro Aero to the US then, had the prototype destroyed costing some 47,000 jobs in Canada, mostly in Ontario. This was the only supersonic fighter platform in the world!  Diefenbaker made sure Canada would never again have an aircraft industry.  He was a Traitor!

Harper and Kenny were thrown out of every trade negotiation they entered into.  No one could be that unlucky!  They were there to throw the advantage to the US!  Making sure, Canada remained subservient.

Harper, sold the Wheat Marketing Board to a private company to fill one of the demands of the US Republicans even though, the dairy farmers in the US were making their own marketing boards to control over production.

All this time, the Conservatives have known the ramifications of climate change and used this knowledge as a divisionary tactic to steal our country from us.

This travesty has gone on long enough!




How low Cons sunk for Control..

Stephen Harper said before he was elected, “I will change Canada so you won’t even recognize it”  And so he did.

He invited the Bell media company whom we all think we know, into Canda in a leadership role.  Bell media now has oversight on this country’s IP providers, if not outright ownership.

The Conservatives, using climate change as a divisionary tactic hope to get 6 provinces in this country.  That will give them the platform from which they can re-write the constitution.  And, you won’t like that!

Meanwhile, Bell media involved in printed press now runs articles with Scheer outright lies and makes sure there is no room for comments allowing his BS to fly rather than have it buried as the misinformation he puts out.  And, in some cases refuses membership and subscriber fees or simply blocks some posters (myself included).

With Canda’s mainstream communication in direct control of the Conservatives and the US Republicans, I say it is time for the Feds to examine the rules surrounding foreign ownership and open further the influence of the CRTC to set parameters on activities of the printed press, assuring they are open.   With the advent of the computer and mass media at this level, it is not enough that we accept financial papers as being right wing and miscellaneous papers as being left wing.

Better we do away with the labels and put in rules that assure all print papers and online renditions of same are open, not partisan.

The odds against Canadian Independence

Another legacy of Stephen Harper. Perhaps you recall him saying “I will change Canada in such a way you will not recognize it!”

He ushered in Bell Media which was his greatest success. Since that time Bell Media has taken over most of the IP providers in Canada plus moved onto the print providers like Post Media.

The US Republicans have taken control of our news media, again, thanks to Stephen Harper.   They can edit, prohibit or promote at their own will.

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