Lawyers, go to work.

I accept the foundation to our democracy is an open and informed news media.  Having said this, it is a job for lawyers to apply this thought to the elections in Quebec and New Brunswick.  Why you ask?

Stephen Harper, before he was elected said “I will change Canada so you will not recognize it.”  Then, he invited Bell Media into our country to take over our infrastructure in their area of expertise.

Bell Media took control if not ownership of all the IP providers in the country, (you will see substantial increases in your service very soon)  Some have already doubled their costs to us.

They entered into an iron fist control of both New Brunswick and Montreal Media (printed) outlets.  In doing so they blocked posts that were critical of the Conservative Party.  This was instrumental in electing right wing Governments in those areas.  This is why I think it is possible to have these elections set aside!

What they are after is 6 provincial Governments so they can change the Canadian Constitution to something more acceptable to the ingress of the US Republicans.


Harper and Kenny were run off of every trade negotiation they entered into.   All these rejections have since been turned around by the Liberal Government.   Their dalliance with the west coast pipelines is still another avenue for them to throw the advantages to the US.

John Diefenbaker gave the Avro Aero


to the US.  This was the first fighter based aeroplane to fly beyond the speed of sound!  And, his destruction of the only prototype in Canada firmly establishes him as a Traitor.  It forever closed the door to an advanced aero industry in Canada.

Stephen Harper, sold the Wheat Marketing board to a private company.  This filled the issue of the US complaints on marketing boards in Canada even while their Dairy sector is setting up its own form of marketing boards!   This was against farmers wishes in Alberta (with exception of the Southern Alberta LDS community)

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