In anticipation UCP privatization of health care.

The US Republicans have continually expressed their distaste  the Canadian Health Care system .  Because it is paid for by all and covers all  they try to bend it into a welfare system.

U.S. health care spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person. As a share of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product,health spending accounted for 17.9 percent. Dec 11, 2018 

With their high expense there is close to 50%  of Americans who have no coverage!  Canada’s lower costs cover 100% of our people.

Here is an example of a google search which will turn up the numbers

From <>


There is a great amount of information comparing systems. When Klein introduced his third way several groups of Doctors were vocal in wanting an Canadian type system in the US!

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