A Conservative Disaster unfolding.

The Conservatives are building on their hate carbon tax program.  In Alberta, Kenny is pulling numbers out of his hat and it appears at least for now people are eating it up.  The NDP responded to his promise list.  It would take 2.4 billion dollars to fill those promises!  Outright lies!

In Ottawa Scheer is doing much of the same thing. 

While in Ontario Ford has hired a new board of directors for the power company and is paying them 150% of what the previous directors were getting. 
By trashing all the Green initiatives in place by the previous Liberal Government. He has lost 3 billion dollars in income from the Cap and Trade.  This is an annual figure and will continue.  Being cash short he is cutting programs for the most vulnerable!

Moe in Saskatchewan was all for the carbon tax until visited by Scheer and Ford.  His quick turn around was outstanding!.

If the Conservatives get 6 provinces, they will be in a position to rewrite our constitution and, if you have spent any time thinking about those implications you will know it is dangerous and will basically turn control over to the US,  even more so than they have now.

Think about it just a bit. Do you want the Mormons and LDS thinking to invade our school systems? Kenny is pushing on that agenda now.

Right Wing (Conservative) papers closing me out and, the consequence.

The Globe and Mail have blocked my access to their paper,  the subscription to the paper through Google Pay means nothing to them at all.

Likewise, the financial post and, soon enough I think, iPolitic.ca.  The Globe announced they were purchasing IPolitic because of its excellent staff providing news feeds.  (This is very true, the reason I’m subscribed to it).
Then IPolitic.ca made a post saying the Toronto Star has bought them out which leads me to assume the Globe and Tor star are the same company or at least the same parent.

If indeed I am cut off when they take over it will mean a change in tactic for me.

The Mormon Church is behind the whole multi-generational turn over of the Conservative Party and their made or order opposition.

I will put all my attention to the undoing of the Mormon church, the subversive head of the insurgency.   This post is to give all concerned, notice.