The Dairy Marketing Board – Great for health reasons!

The Dairy Marketing Board – Great for health reasons!
Canada’s Dairy Marketing Board prices US dairy higher than the Canadian equivalent. Aside from market quotas, it hinders much of the US Dairy, Eggs, Meat, and Chicken from entering the country.

The US has no regulation on antibiotics in Animals. The regular treatment of animals is not uncommon to assure “good health”. Meanwhile, if you are ingesting any of these products you are giving yourself a micro dosage of an antibiotic! (most, not all).

Taking microdoses of antibodies will leave you at a major disadvantage when you are looking for a treatment with a prescription. The bacteria in your body changes to be immune from antibiotics you have been taking with your meals. Hence, the constant search for new medicines and the resurgence of older more common treatments.

I seem to recall the first outbreaks of antibody resistant bacteria came from the USA! Now it is very much commonplace.