Conservatives and climate actions.

Conservatives, in general, will lay off staff from environmental groups especially those in the enforcement of the laws. Then, they write flowery new laws governing whatever travesty they have going on. These new laws seem like a positive public position however, with no one left to enforce them or inspect them, they are empty!

Every now and again or in answer to a complaint they will drag out these newly minted laws so the public can read them and assume everything is fine, but, it’s not!

Conservatives move to kill Trans Mountain pipeline West.

A week ago, Jason Kenny was on TV sitting next to a BC environmental lawyer who was trashing the Trans Mountain expansion. Yesterday he is taking to the PQ Conservative about a natural gas pipeline to PQ from the west.  3 weeks ago Andrew Scheer was thanking the PQ premier for his idea of getting PQ off the Equalization dole. (Us are against our Equalization program.)

It won’t take long for Kenny to announce pulling cash out of the Trans mountain funding (CPP) and putting into the pipeline east. 

The US is adamant we do not complete a pipeline to tidewater in the west! That would give Canada world prices for our crude and other products while the US petroleum captive market would languish. « l

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Kenny’s social service cuts enroute!!

Kenny has appointed a Blue Ribbon group to study ways of bringing the accounts into order.

Keep in mind #Danielle Smith’s comments when she was running. “There will be no unnecessary welfare paid out! These people can work for any cheques they get from the Government!”

I would think our public health care is gone as well as a sharpened list of who qualifies for “welfare” NIOSH are in for another beating.

There is no economy and there hasn’t been since a time before Jim Prentice abandoned his post. Kenny is going to use this group has his excuse.

Social programs will be cut, insurance rates will go up and the deficit will grow much larger!

Alberta again unsafe for investment.

Jason Kenny took the office of Premier by constantly telling outright inflammatory lies. The biggest were protected by Post Media (Bell Media group) who would not allow comments to these outlandish statements of his.

Acknowledging this, Kenny on his first day of Premier elect said “No more lies starting today! Only the truth!”

Yesterday having taken the chair of Premier of Alberta, he said “I will bring in legislation that will allow us to turn off the taps to BC” The fact is, Rachel Notley has already got that legislation I place!

So, his first public statements are outright lies. The culture of a Government starts at the top. Investing in this one is plainly a risk!