Kenny’s disastrous start!

UCP IN Government= the trend

UCP was quick to bring the axe down on LGBQ support groups by cutting funding.  This is what happens when you have Church (LDS)  and state working the system in dual!  As I said, post media will support conservative views.  In this case, they made a special effort in stopping me from commenting.  The preferred way is to “treat” gay people with forms of medieval torture until they say, I give up.   I will reiterate, gay people should get firearm permits for their own protection.  Or, a crossbow and some hunting tips. Become proficient!

On another front, Kenny has a photo opp with a Vancouver environmental lawyer who is supporting Kenny’ views on no western pipeline.   What Kenny will do with this is probably bad.  That much we can count on.

Kenny and Harper all but destroyed the western pipeline because the USA does not want us to ship into their market place.  I had said on the onset that Kenny would destroy that pipeline one way or another. I’m pretty sure Kenny and company are looking forward to shutting it all down, giving up the Billions.

The Green party on the other hand are simply dumb as posts with May leading the pack.  She blamed east coast phytoplankton losses on the oil leakage.   The world, on the other hand, is complaining about global warming and the increase in carbon dioxide which is being absorbed into the ocean making carbolic acid! This is bleaching coral around the world.

The Conservatives are very close to stealing your country! They have spawned a hatred of the Carbon Tax. They, the LDS, do no accept our present climate is exceptional, it hasn’t happed before. So, Post Media will continue to support this view.

The conservatives now have enough population and province count to rewrite the Canadian constitution regardless of who gets in. It will amount to handing our resources to the US free while we pay the transport.

There is a shelved, fully engineered project called the Weatherford project. I t uses the new dam built on the Peace River as a sump to collect 2/3 the flow of the Peace river shipping in my an immense pipe system to the US. If you have a conservative in as a Fed, Any restriction’s will be off the table. Canada will pay for the building and the US will get free water.

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