Google (Android) phone and service.

If you still have time to make a decision on  IOS or Android read this first.

Google/Bell has the most aggressive marketing systems in the marketplace.

I own an LG G3.  LG has loaded it with their updated LG Fitness app. You cannot turn off or delete this app once installed and it burns up your dataplan with it’s constant hammering.

Google’s weather report is respectable.   I wanted to use the CTV local app (which is also Bell) and found it could not function because access to screen overlay is in the locked position.  This means you are left with choice of uninstalling it.

Your phone is constantly inundated with adds when ever you try to use one of the supplied apps.   My thought is I paid 900 dollars for an Android phone which I use 10% of the time and Google uses 90% of the resource.

My wife has an IOS and it works flawlessly by comparison with none of the inabilities built into the Android.




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