Ontario and Doug Fords Score Card

When Doug Ford was campaigning, he knew very well the Wynn Government was doing a great job under the very adverse circumstance.  His job was to push the Conservative envelope!  So, there was no sense explaining his position on finance there was none.

He made a big deal about cap and trade in Ontario.  This was unlike the Conservatives version it worked.   Having made so much noise about it he proceeded immediatly to cut it out and replace it with nothing!  Global warming is now allowed, even encouraged in Ontario!

What he didn’t tell the people of Ontario was he also kissed off 2 million dollars (perhaps a great deal more) when he cancelled that deal.  This figure was being used by Wynn to expand her green program. Now? Nothing!  And the population is expected to make up the 2 million in taxes.

As I predicted, the first target for cuts was health care.  The Conservatives have got rid of co-pay in Ontario.  Co-pay is what is set up in Pharmacies to handle the billing split between your prime insurance (private or company coverage) and your provincial (universal) coverage.  Many prescriptions until now have a zero balance when you pick them up. Not anymore!

Typically your company medical insurance will pay 80% of the prescription leaving 20% for provincial.

That means an employer is going to ignore the extra cost to you or if inclined will work out with their insurers how much more they have to pay for total coverage.

In turn, this interprets to one more total premium for every five employees!  In some cases, this overhead will be too much.   On iPolitic’s website, the Ontario Government has it’s trolls up most of the time.  In answer to the above statement, they responded: “That will be a good deal for insurance companies”.   Enter private medicine. No Longer Universal Health Care!


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