The Conservative goal of changing Canada.

The conservatives have been around the country using the carbon tax as a divisionary ploy. They have known of the ramifications for more than 20 years, documented.
Scheer’s program of false information was documented on Vassy’s CBC Politics show.
One item comes to mind offhand. The question in the house about the playground and grafting sunglasses. As with most of his BS, he asks a question in the house then, peddles it around the country as a fact.
In this instance, the playground was paid for by Trudeau, and the sunglass came from a family friend. The latter came forward because Speer made a complaint about them forcing the investigation. Trash!
If the Conservative/Republicans get six seats in the election, they will press for the re-write of the constitution and, that is what they are after and, you won’t like it!

This is a post not allowed on the London Globe who are right wing and heavily censored.

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