If you still have doubts about the Cons (CRA Party)

CRAP is the new acronym for the Con Parties!  Conservative Republican Association Party.

Sealed by Harper, Canada’s worst Prime Minister in his press release telling Canada to capitulate to Trump in the NAFT Agreement!  As if this turkey still can give a Release!  He is a Republican first and a Canadian second.  This is the man who said he would change Canada to a point we would not recognize it.

The Mexican President past said it best; “We (Canada and Mexico) are sending highly trained and skilled people, specialists in their field into the NAFTA talks.  The US has picked people (of unrelated backgrounds instead) being picked by their poliltcal stripe.”

And, we all know the people we are asked to deal with in thoes talks have nothing at all to say about the agreement.  Everything is taken back to Trump for a yes or no and no discussion.

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