WE complaints being pushed by Conservatives.

A bit of our history. Trudeau and Munroe did not recuse themselves from The WE scandal. That indicates there is nothing shady going on. Let’s take a look at other instances where the Conservatives have accused the Government of things. Making wild statements does not represent fact!

The pm’s playground Scheer accused Trudeau of squandering taxpayers money. As it turned out a month later, the PM had bought the 6000 dollar playground with his own cash. Because of rules of residence, he could not install it, that had to be done by Government. (230.00)

Then again there was the time Scheer put in a complaint about the Shaw visit. (Failed to note the Shaw was an old family friend) The Graft? A gift of a pair of sunglasses made by the Shaw which, Trudeau did not declare.

I am suggesting there is nothing wrong here and like, you I am waiting for the PM and Munroe to explain.

Consider also, I’m pretty sure Trudeau didn’t ask his Mom to speak at any engagements! And, as far as Munro’s daughter is concerned, I’m happy she has a job. I would count that to luck and her specific training.

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