Up-date on Climate change

As I said before we have been moving away from the sun for 66 years, part of a 5000 year out then, a 5000-year trip back into the sun. We are overheating, hardly starting into the outward trip.

And yes we are going to hit an ice age even as our natural gas supply dwindles and disappears.
We have never been through anything like this before! if we do not reduce our carbon output we will die as a human race, that is the long and short of it. Our solar season runs 5000 years out then, 5000 years back to center.

If we change nothing, continue as we are, we will end up like another Venus, all humanity gone.

Much of our carbon dioxide output is being absorbed by the oceans where it turns into carbolic acid. This is killing reefs all over the world. When an ocean or a pond becomes acidic The fish only produce only males and the species die out. So there will be worldwide starvation long before the weather eliminates us.

Further afield, the Arctic is melting and the tundra beneath the snow is turning to mud. In this mud is underground lakes, now ice lens. Soon enough they will melt and cave-ins will be the result.

Greenland’s glaciers are melting at a rapid pace, enough to create a freshwater ocean from the glacier runoff. This freshwater ocean is being propelled slowly to the equator by the rotation of the earth. Many species cannot live in freshwater. They will perish.
The Antarctic glacier, the largest in the world has not receded in 8 million years. Yet, today it is melting rapidly from the bottom. The ice covering is 6.4 million tonnes. If it slips into the ocean it will maan an immediate
rise of 4 foot of water at the coastlines around the world!

The Conservatives do not have a global warming plan! O’Toole talks about carbon tax but no plans to go with it. To him, it is just another conservative tax. The comment I get from Conservatives is “fool, it is just the weather. it been with us forever.”

Heat waves will be ongoing with little respite.

The nuclear generation will continue to be in trouble because of warmer than usual cooling waters to draw from. AC power lines will be stressed so a switch to DC will be the order or the day. Nuclear plants will be restricted to 50% capacity or less because of the warmth of their “cooling” water.

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