Alan’s scam was an effort to take the blazing spotlight from Jason Kenny.

In the 3 months previous I had busted Kenny 3 times in trying to take down the Transmountain Expansion project. For one effort, he robbed the Government Pension funds to build a pipeline east, to no place in particular. This had he gained approval, would have pitted Alberta Government Pensions against the CPP invested in Trans Mountain.

On another not so sensational deal he was sitting next to a lawyer on a TV show while she bad-mouthed Ottawa and the Trans Mountain. All the time, nodding and smiling his agreement. He was relentless!.

Behind this is Shell oil on the Gulf coast who will see prices on our oil rise because of our direct access to China and Indonesia.

There is a block of misguided anti-pipeline people out there! Fifty or more countries are shipping into the oil market. If we don’t ship, they will fill the orders.. Whether that pipeline is active or not has nothing at all to do with global warming.

For Alan’s report see

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