Why the new dam in BC?

Weatherford Project detailed.

First Published SUNDAY, APRIL 01, 2012  
Weatherford Project the start of a gigantic transfer of water to the US. The whole program is adequately explained here: NAWAPA  (Credit to Richard Weatherhill)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERq86OlS-_k  This #video is a US concept shown in its best light bought into whole heartedly by the Harper and Prentice Conservatives. (This is the US view of what they want)
The *Conservative Government has a fully mechanically engineered project sitting on their shelf from the 1980s.  It is as valid today as when it was paid for. Harper has removed the Navigable water protection from the River making it all possible.  It’s in play now!  #Trudeau killed the move.]

This is the Weatherford project, the design being to move up to 2/3rds of the flow of the Peace River into the USA! 
#The project has 8 large electrical lift stations in it, each one using the power of a large city.  This is immense and under a Conservative Government taxpayers will pay for the infrastructure and private companies will take home the profits.
Under a “good” Liberal Government the price of construction would be carried by those who need the water, not those who supply it.  Think here of our present electricity debacle!

Government’s direction will be handled by private industry and paid for by the Alberta Taxpayers.
For those of you in southern Alberta; the St. Mary’s system and involved in the Western Irrigation District; Did you sign up for this?  Many of you were kicked off the board while others with cash were able to buy rock pile so they could claim adjoining property thereby being put on the board.

Mike Cardinal reworked the Western Irrigation board while he was selling off Crown Grazing Lands on the East Slope of the Rockies to the Agra Food Industry.  Rules of water ownership run First in Line, First in Time and these properties are where all of our groundwater used for drinking originates!  
When a River drops to 1/3 of its flow it goes stagnant, the river dies.  Kenny is okay with this as is a long list of Conservatives before him.

The US has announced it will build a rail from our North Coast to the US to move oil.  Why would they do this when they are oil self-sufficient.   I think rail is to move The Peace River by rail into the US!

As far as the dam goes ; It can only produce 1100 mw. That means it cannot pay for itself. It will however create a sump from which to draw huge amounts of water. This is what you get if O’Toole gets in. These plans cover every major river and lake in Canada, not just Alberta.

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