What’s wrong with O’Toole?

He’s all over the place switching ideas and positions on just about everything as he moves forward In my reasoning, I can see a 5th wave and a 6th wave of the Corono Virus before it is done with it. This beasty is better at survival than we are. It will continue to change upwards than down as it doesn’t want to kill off its host.

Can you imagain a Federal Conservative Governmenet looking after you in these comming events? Hell, Kenny and Shandro can’t even get a vaccine passport moving! O’ Toole says he is againt it. Having a choices is more important than living or dying!

O’Toole was given the leadership by the extream right wing of the Conservative Party! None of their policies has shown up in his cuddly converations, to date. He was very proud to be accepted by the ugly right wing. It means, Corporate rule.

We continue to have troubles with the post media who were invited into Canada by Stephen Harper. The Calgary Herald will allow me to post then, change my posts to repetitave garbage. It seems to be their level on most things.

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