Imperative we ditch minimum 3 Conservative Governments!

Our country is presently populated by 8 #Conservative provinces and, only 6 are required to re-write our constitution along with a Conservative Federal Government.

The only possible exception is Saskatchewan, the rest including Quebec got in by #media manipulation of Bell Media and their 200 newspapers. Bell was installed in Canada by Stephen Harper!

Bottom line, we have to get rid of a minimum of 3 provincial Governments in the next election to avoid a meltdown of our country.

Another crisis is nearly on us and that is water. Canada has it and the USA doesn’t. The Conservatives wanted very much to export the Peace River in total through a giant pipeline, the #Weatherford project. Fully engineered in the 80s it has been on the Conservative wish list since. The design is to move 2/3rd of the river south and when a river gets down to 1/3 of its flow, the river dies.

The SiteC dam in BC is a sump from which to draw the water. The design of the dam will not allow it to produce electricity at a profit.

Beyond California and North Dakota, the #Wyoming river is in a state of massive decline. That is drinking water for millions.

Under the Conservative plan, Canadians will pay for the infrastructure and private industry will collect the profit.

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